• hazards on side of highway

    Maryland Expands “Move Over” Law

    The highway is a risky place for pedestrians, with cars blowing past at upwards of 80 miles per hour. According to a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, pedestrians who are hurt or killed on interstate highways make up 10% of all pedestrian fatalities each year in the United States. Many who are injured or […]

  • motorcycle cutting off semi truck

    CDL Disqualifications in Maryland

    Driving a commercial vehicle is a big responsibility that not everyone is qualified for. Commercial drivers in Maryland are held to a much higher standard than regular drivers. Due to the sheer size and potential danger of large trucks and vans, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets strict regulations and rules all drivers with […]

  • dont drive and drive

    How a DUI Can Affect your CDL in Baltimore

    DUI laws in Maryland are extremely strict for commercial drivers. Those who rely upon a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to make a living must abide by rigid federal regulations due to the nature of their vehicles. Part of these regulations holds them to a higher standard than non-commercial drivers when it comes to receiving a […]

  • license-points

    How Long Do Points Stay on your Maryland Driver’s Record?

    Have you ever received a traffic ticket and paid it outright? Have you ever gone to court for a traffic offense and been found guilty? If you answered yes to either question, chances are you have points on your license. Point accumulation on your license is highly unfavorable as it can lead to your driving […]

  • online-driver-license

    5 Reasons Licenses are Suspended or Revoked in Maryland

    One of the most common serious traffic charges is Driving While Suspended or Revoked. One gets their license suspended or revoked for several reasons. Whatever the reason, being unable to drive legally has serious consequences and can cause great hardship. Suspensions occur when a driver is temporarily disallowed from legally operating a motor vehicle for […]

  • police-traffic-violation

    4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer and Not Pay Your Traffic Citation

    The quickest and easiest way to have your day ruined is by getting pulled over by a police officer and getting a traffic citation. Maryland police officers do this daily, and for commuters, it is an experience they’d prefer to be over with as soon as possible. Not only are you embarrassed about being stopped […]

  • patrol-car-pull-over

    Difference Between a Suspended and Revoked License

    “Driving is a privilege and not a right” is a commonly repeated phrase. While you may have heard this when begging to take the car out as a teenager with your restricted permit, it becomes much more relevant as an adult. Having your license suspended and revoked are actions the state can take against you […]

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