• “Don’t Block the Box” Campaign Aims to Change Baltimore’s Driving Habits

    Most of us know the feeling of dread that rush hour traffic unleashes. With the length of rush hour extending earlier into the afternoon and later in the evening, it’s nearly impossible to beat. With most people leaving the city for the suburbs at 5 p.m., Baltimore’s streets turn into a beehive of anxious motorists […]

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle a Traffic Ticket or Can I Pay the Fine?

    Many people are unsure of what to do after receiving a traffic ticket in or near Baltimore, though they know they have two main choices: pay the fine or call a lawyer. The fact of the matter is, the State of Maryland makes it easy to think you’ve resolved a ticket by allowing you to […]

  • speed traps

    Speed Traps to Look Out for in Maryland

    At one point or another, many of us have zipped right into a trap set up by law enforcement. Excessive speeding is one of the top traffic offenses in the country that motorists get fined for. Speed traps are common in the U.S., and they’re a significant source of revenue for a lot of cities. […]

  • Maryland traffic laws

    Speed Cameras Rake in $64 Million for the State of Maryland

    Speeding tickets not only interrupt our commutes, they often go too far and force us to deal with a citation for actions that put no lives at risk. Fines for speeding in Maryland can be steep, and paying them can add points to our driver’s licenses. Could the State be issuing unnecessary speeding tickets to […]

  • speeding in work zones

    Are Work Zone Speed Limits Enforced When No Workers are Present?

    They’re a necessary inconvenience. Although warning signs alert drivers to changing conditions, many simply ignore them. Work zone speed limits protect drivers and road workers alike, yet Maryland drivers often receive citations for going too fast in designated construction zones. As a result, many construction sites throughout Maryland rely on speed cameras to catch drivers […]

  • camera speeding tickets

    Why You Should Contest a Camera Speeding Ticket

    The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration issues photo enforced tickets to drivers who hurry past fixed traffic cameras. Anyone going 12 or more miles per hour over the local speed limit may receive such a ticket instead of being stopped by a traffic officer. The speed cameras capture images of passing cars and their license plates. […]

  • how much does speeding affect car insurance rates maryland

    How Much Does Speeding Affect Car Insurance Rates?

    Getting a ticket can often be a frustrating experience. Sure, you may have exceeded the posted limit by a few miles per hour, but you probably weren’t the fastest driver out there; you were just the one who got caught. A speeding ticket can set your day back and tarnish a clean driving record if […]

  • Costliest traffic violations

    The Costliest Traffic Violations in Maryland

    Compared with some of life’s more challenging obstacles, traffic tickets might not seem all that important at first. Unfortunately, accumulating and even paying tickets can lead to points against your license that smear your reputation as a safe driver and can ultimately lead to the suspension or revocation of your Maryland driver’s license. As points […]

  • baltimore traffic cameras

    Baltimore Brings Back Speed Cameras

    Getting a traffic ticket in the mail without ever having been stopped by a police officer is an unpleasant way of finding out you committed a traffic violation. Unfortunately, Baltimore’s residents were subjected to an unfair traffic camera system a few years ago. That system was discontinued in 2013 due to erroneous tickets being issued. […]

  • Background checks

    Do Suspended Licenses Show Up on Background Checks?

    Future employers and even dating partners are interested in confirming a person’s identity and knowing whether they’re hiring or dating someone who has been in trouble with the law. Today, background check services are available to everyone. If you’re concerned about a suspended driver’s license showing up on your background check and potentially hurting your […]

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