• how to find a good traffic attorney

    5 Tips for Hiring the Right Baltimore Traffic Attorney

    After receiving a traffic ticket, it can be appealing to pay off the fine — especially if it is your first ticket or an inexpensive violation. However, you should know that doing so is an admission of guilt and that, the more you admit guilt by paying off the fines, the more points you accumulate […]

  • traffic attorney maryland

    Why You Shouldn’t Pay that Traffic Ticket!

    After receiving a traffic ticket, some people might assume they must pay the fine to avoid legal trouble. This isn’t necessarily true. If you have received a traffic ticket in Baltimore or a nearby location, you have three options for responding to it, of which only one is paying off the fine. If you’re unsure […]

  • why speeding is bad

    5 Ways Speeding Can Set You Back

    The average American worker spends nearly half an hour on his way to work every morning, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means that, if you have a full-time job and work five days per week, you might spend more than four hours in traffic in just one week. The amount of time we […]

  • how to get your license back in maryland

    Getting Your Maryland Driver’s License Back After Revocation

    The State of Maryland has a responsibility to keep high-risk drivers off the road. As such, it has developed a point system in which drivers caught committing certain traffic offenses, such as speeding or running red lights, accumulate demerit points that work against their licenses. If a driver hits 12 points on his or her […]

  • types of maryland cdl offenses

    Common CDL Traffic Violations in Maryland

    A commercial driver’s license or CDL is a special license that allows the holder to operate or tow vehicles with specified weight limits and passenger totals. Many rely upon a CDL to perform essential job duties, which is why a CDL suspension or revocation in Maryland can be devastating. The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor […]

  • what to do after a license suspension in maryland

    Steps to Take after License Suspension in Maryland

    Baltimore is a bustling city of over 600,000, however, it is not known for reliable public transportation. Hundreds of thousands of drivers in the Baltimore metro area depend on their cars and valid Maryland driver’s licenses to get around. Without access to a vehicle, many people would find it difficult to get to school or […]

  • getting a red light ticket dismissed in maryland

    Getting a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

    Most Maryland drivers have, at some point, received a citation for violating traffic laws. While some tickets may be warranted, it is not uncommon for traffic citations to result in costly and unexpected fines. Police officers and judges especially have little tolerance for red light offenses, as they endanger other drivers crossing intersections. A red […]

  • employment background check for drivers

    Do Driving Records Show up on Employment Background Checks?

    Some employment background checks reveal far more information than candidates would ever guess, much of which the average person assumes is private information. While background checks consistently turn up information about a candidate’s work experience and criminal history (if any), a background check will occasionally turn up personal details about an applicant’s spending and driving […]

  • Maryland minor traffic violations

    Top 5 Facts About DWLS Charges in Maryland

    A charge of driving while license suspended is a serious traffic offense. The key to facing criminal charges, however, is to have knowledge that your license was suspended when police pulled you over. Knowledge can come from a letter from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration announcing the suspension of your license or you may know […]

  • will a speeding ticket show up on a background check maryland

    Will a Speeding Ticket Show Up on a Background Check?

    If you’re concerned about a speeding ticket showing up on a background check, you first need to ask what type of background check it is. For instance, background checks for employment tend to dig into your criminal history rather than your driving record. Traffic violations happen when drivers break the rules of the road. While […]

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