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After you deal with an accident, you’ll want to be careful of to avoid other traffic violations due to the risk of higher penalties, financial loss, and any harm to your health. Several other violations commonly seen following an accident include the failure to control vehicle speed, driving with a suspended license, and others. 

Running a red light in Baltimore or the surrounding areas can lead to harsh consequences. After an accident, the last thing you will want to deal with is a ticket for a moving violation. Attorney Hillel Traub has years of experience helping drivers navigate citations and car accident cases. A motor vehicle offense attorney  is dedicated to providing honest and dependable services, so clients feel confident that they will have proper legal representation. Handling a red light ticket may feel pointless after suffering injuries in a crash, but a confident attorney can help guide you through the process smoothly. 

Why Is Baltimore Adding More Red-Light Cameras?

Over the last couple of years, the City of Baltimore has greatly increased the number of red-light cameras at intersections. At the beginning of the year, the Baltimore City Board of Estimates set forth a plan to install 45 new red light and speed cameras across the city. The plan approved more than $11 million for these cameras to reduce the number of people who run red lights and speed. It’s important to note that red light tickets are not considered moving violations in Maryland.

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates and other officials hope that the 20 new red-light cameras will increase traffic safety at intersections and lights. Accidents happen all the time due to another person’s recklessness. Running red lights and speeding down streets put many at great risk. However, there are instances where individuals run red lights for safety reasons or to move out of the way for emergency vehicles. If you have a red-light ticket due to a misunderstanding, contact a red-light attorney

Consequences of a Red Light Ticket after an Accident

Running a red light after an accident can put you at risk of severe penalties. While running a red light without an accident under your belt can have you facing punishments like fines and points on your license, having an accident and then running a red light can cause you to face a suspended license and possible jail time. Some of the penalties for running a red light include:

  • Running a red light without causing an accident can result in 2 points on your license and a $140 fine.
  • If an accident is involved while running a red light, there are 3 points carried and a $180 fine.
  • Accumulating too many points can lead to license suspension.
  • Running a red light can also end up in a reckless driving conviction.

There are times when we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Accidents and traffic violations that happen right after each other are never a good mixture. Having these so close together gives the impression that the individual is a reckless driver, even if the traffic violation was out of their control. A red-light ticket attorney can help you appeal the violation and may reduce the punishments you receive. 

What Should You Do after You Receive a Red Light Ticket in Baltimore?

There are many reasons why someone needs to run a red light to protect their safety and the safety of others. However, even if running a red light was simply an accident, there are a few simple steps that can significantly improve your chances of reducing the penalties you face:

  • Review your driving record: Having a clear understanding of past traffic violations and the reasons you were cited will help create a strong defense. When you are unaware of past violations, you can have difficulty explaining why these citations occurred. 
  • Gather evidence and information on your citation: If there was miscommunication or misunderstanding with your red-light violation, you’ll need to provide evidence showing that you are innocent and that it was, in fact, simply a mistake. For instance, if you have a dash camera and it shows you running a red light, and emergency vehicles pass you, that shows the reason for your violation.  
  • Review your rights: If a vehicle is already in the intersection when the light changes to red, you are not violating the law. If a police officer cites you for a red light violation, they may have witnessed the action in a way that led them to misunderstand the situation, and you may be able to dispute the officer’s judgment.
  • Contact a red light attorney: In situations where penalties may pose a threat to your freedom, reputation, and license, contacting a red light attorney is the best option. Not only will they advocate for your rights and interests, but they will also gather evidence and offer advice on legal issues. 

The sooner you contact an attorney, the more likely they can find evidence and work to build your defense. Following the suggestions above will work to show that accidents happen, and you are learning from them. 

Contact an Experienced Baltimore Red Light Attorney at the Law Office of Hillel Traub

The Law Office of Hillel Traub team understands how frustrating traffic citations are and wants to make sure you receive fair and just treatment. After working with clients all across Maryland, Hillel Traub has built a strong network of resources and connections that may benefit your case. 

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