Personal Injury Case Results - 2019-2021

  • We represented grandparents and their grandson in a collision on I-83 in Baltimore County.  There were several complications involving prior non-related injuries, a significant mental health issue and an unrelated subsequent death.  We navigated these issues and resolved the claims.

  • We represented a van full of family members who were injured in a crash.  There were substantial issues raised about the contributory negligence of our driver.  To avoid protracted litigation and additional costs and delays we negotiated settlements for the remaining passengers with claims against both the host vehicle and other vehicle’s insurance companies.

  • Our client – a licensed motor vehicle wholesaler and restorer, repaired a Rolls Royce expending more that $70,000.00 of her own funds in the effort.  The customer did not pay and the client attempted to obtain a Mechanic’s Lien through the Motor Vehicle Administration. MVA refused the application and we filed suit against MVA.  After overcoming several obstacles we succeeded in helping the client get a free and clear title to the car.

  • We represented a woman severely injured by a driver who crossed the road and hit her car at a high speed. Client was flown by helicopter to Shock Trauma where she underwent the first of many surgeries. We established a claim against the other driver and a worker’s compensation claim as she was in the course of her employment at the time of the crash. The liability claim was denied because the other driver was not an authorized driver. We initiated a claim against the client;s own carrier for Uninsured Motorist coverage. While initially frustrating we ended up in much better position and our client got a six-figure settlement of the entire policy AND her bills have been paid by Worker’s Comp with not lien.

  • We were asked to help a driver and two passengers, all active or reserve military and their child, who were rear-ended and sent to the ER via ambulance. Despite several complications in their treatments, we settled the case within the expectations of the clients.

  • We represented a gentleman t-boned at an intersection and taken by ambulance to Shock Trauma; where he was admitted for observation. Despite significant presiding injuries we obtained a good pre-suit settlement.

  • Client was struck by a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on a major road. She was seriously injured and was airlifted to University of Maryland Shock Trauma.  After several surgeries and complex PT we settled the claim for the full policy value – a six figure settlement. A Worker’s Compensation claim is pending.

  • Client was T-Boned by a driver exiting a parking lot onto a major roadway. He was taken by ambulance to the ER. After several weeks of PT he made a full recovery but had many painful days and disruption of his daily activity. We settled the case at more than we expected.

  • I represented a brother and sister who were rear ended on I 95.  The car they were traveling in sustained substantial damage.   Both sought treatment at an Urgent Care facility and had several weeks of physical therapy for their injuries.   We recovered a generous settlement for each of them that exceeded their expectations.

  • We represented a young man who was in two separate auto accident cases, one of them a hit and run.  We obtained a combined 5 figure settlement for both cases.

  • We were recommended to a woman who works as a traveling speech therapist for Baltimore City schools.  She was injured in a rear end crash that caused extensive damage.   After weeks of treatment we negotiated a five figure settlement.

  • We assisted a immigrant woman who owns and operates a take out food restaurant.   Her car was hit head on While returning from a delivery.  She was flown by helicopter to University of Maryland Shock Trauma.  She sustained disfiguring injuries to her forearm.  The insurance company for the at fault vehicle denied coverage due to unauthorized use.  We made a claim under her own auto policy and recovered  six figure , full policy limits,  settlement.   A worker’s compensation claim is pending.


    We successfully resolved a car accident case with multiple passengers with several aggravating factors.  Total settlement exceeeded $50,000.


    Auto accident – I represented a young man whose car was nearly obliterated. He was miraculously not seriously injured but, he did have a injury to his ankle that required medical attention. Interestingly, he is a active soccer player in semi professional leagues. We worked hard for a very favorable settlement, and negotiated significant reductions in his medical bills.


    Auto accident – We represented a woman who was in a crash with relatively minor property damage. The interesting issue was the client is an OB/GYN, and the injuries to her shoulder interfered with her work delivering babies. Her Physical Therapy bill were extremely high. I successfully convinced the insurance company that her treatment was wholly reasonable given her unique connection between her injury and her work conditions.


    Howard County – I represented a gentleman charged with texting while driving. We actually had very sound legal arguments on his behalf. However, the judge found him guilty. The disturbing issue was the judge’s refusal to grant a Probation Before Judgment. The client had a perfect MVA record, and he was very focused on keeping it that way. Therefore, we appealed the texting ticket to the Circuit Court for Howard County. I later found out that the client was a final candidate for a very sensitive high level government position, and he didn’t want any blemish that might derail his chance for the job. Thankfully, I was successful in discussing the matter with the State’s Attorney assigned to the case. After he understood our goal, he agreed to a PBJ. Feeling somewhat gutsy, I suggested that the case be completely dismissed. He agreed. There is now nothing at all on his record. He was ecstatic. So was I.


    Baltimore City – I received a call from a person in Florida who was unable to get a Florida driver’s license because of a long ago Failure to Appear on a serious traffic case resulting in a bench warrant. I was able to get the FTA and bench warrant reversed and have the case set in for trial. The client was able to get his Florida license once the warrant was recalled. As the trial date approached, I could not reach the client. On the trial date, the client did not appear, and I was anticipating another FTA bench warrant. I took the chance of asking the State’s Attorney to dismiss the serious traffic case despite the client’s failure to appear because he had obtained a license. She agreed and the case was dismissed. A great result.