• Does a Traffic Ticket Prove Who Was at Fault in a Maryland Car Accident?

    Many motor vehicle accidents happen because another driver acted negligently. A report from the Insurance Information Institute says that more than 60% of all car accidents are linked to a traffic violation. To collect financial compensation in a personal injury case, the victim needs to prove that the other driver caused the accident. They may […]

  • What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Traffic Ticket in Maryland?

    Safe driving is a driver’s top responsibility upon receiving a driver’s license, but sometimes, even safe drivers may be targeted for a traffic violation. Failing to pay the total dollar figure listed on your Maryland traffic ticket by the due date could lead to additional fees, a suspended driver’s license and vehicle registration, and may […]

  • What Happens When You’re Arrested for a Traffic Offense in Maryland?

    At any given moment, you may find yourself pulled over on the side of the road with bright red lights and loud sirens coming from the squad car behind you. You could be traveling somewhere early in the morning or heading home later in the evening, but either way, you figure you may be in […]

  • Is it Legal to Pass on the Right in Maryland?

    When driving down a multi-lane road, drivers occasionally have to pass the car in front of them. They typically do this on the left side of the road, but many wonder if they’re allowed to pass on the right side in Maryland. Ultimately, it depends on the situation. Like many other states, the decision is […]

  • Can a Party Host be Held Responsible for Drunk Driving Accidents in Maryland?

    Every state has its own set of rules regarding social hosts and their liability when one of their guests causes a crash after drinking at their party. When someone is injured because of a drunk driver, many states allow the injured party to file a claim against the vendor or social host who sold or […]

  • What Happens If a Police Officer Fails to Appear in Traffic Court?

    If you’re pulled over and accused of breaking a traffic law, the law enforcement officer may issue you a traffic ticket that details the violation, the associated fine, and your options for paying it. Many drivers’ first instinct after receiving a citation is to pay the fine, accept the consequences, and move on from the […]

  • Common Traffic Ticket Errors in Maryland

    Receiving a traffic ticket is something no driver wants to deal with. Traffic tickets are one of those things that suddenly disrupts your day, and in some cases, end up becoming a much larger problem than you initially thought. Tickets aren’t just a sheet of paper you can ignore—they cost money, have the potential to […]

  • Does Getting a Traffic Ticket Violate My Probation Terms?

    When a judge sentences a convicted person to probation instead of jail, or a criminal is released from prison early on parole, there are strict rules and regulations the individual must follow. One is to obey all federal, state, and municipal laws. This leads many people to wonder whether receiving a traffic ticket breaks the […]

  • Top Reasons You Need an Attorney after a DUI in Maryland

    After a DUI arrest, you might find that loved ones want to give you advice on how to tackle your case; however, the only counsel you should consider is from a Maryland DUI attorney. Although it might sound like you could save money by representing yourself, investing in a competent defense lawyer will be extremely […]

  • How Long Can My License Be Suspended after a DUI in Maryland?

    You may lose your Maryland driver’s license after a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), but many people wonder how long their license will be suspended. It depends on several factors, such as how much alcohol was in your system, previous convictions, and whether you refused to take a breathalyzer test. There are steps […]