Speeding Ticket Attorney in Baltimore, MD

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

over speed limit in marylandThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that speeding is to blame for over 25% of auto accident fatalities. To help lower this statistic, Maryland introduced the excessive speeding citation that harshly penalizes those caught traveling at high speeds; especially those going more than 30 mph and at least 15 mph over the speed limit.

If you’ve been cited for excessive speeding and would like to have the fine lessened and keep points off your license, speak with a Baltimore speeding ticket lawyer with The Law Offices of Hillel Traub. We can serve as your legal representation in court and engage in negotiation to have penalties lessened.


While speeding as merely going over the speed limit, excessive speeding is exceeding the speed limit by at least 15 mph. This remains the same regardless of if you’re caught traveling 45 mph in a 30-mph zone or 90 mph in a 75-mph zone. This strict regulation is meant to deter individuals from driving recklessly and putting the well-being of pedestrians and other drivers at risk.

Those cited for excessive speeding face hefty fines and points on their license. Depending on factors like whether the driver was intoxicated and if his or speeding caused an accident, the driver may face criminal charges.


In Maryland, the penalties for excessive speeding directly correlate with the posted speed limit and how high over the limit one was caught traveling:

  • Going 10 to 19 mph over the speed limit: $90 fine and two points
  • Going 20 to 29 mph over the speed limit: $160 fine and two points
  • Going 30 to 39 mph over the speed limit: $290 fine and five points
  • Going at least 40 mph over the speed limit: $560 fine and five points

State law also recognizes the dangers of speeding on highways and has a penalty system for exceeding higher speed limits:

  • Going 10 to 19 mph over a 65 or 75 mph speed limit: $160 fine and two points
  • Going 20 to 29 mph over a 65 or 75 mph speed limit: $290 fine and five points

Any of these penalties can come in addition to a reckless driving charge which is punishable by jail time and license revocation. There is also the possibility of fines and points increasing if the excessive speeding caused a collision.

Our Experienced Baltimore Speeding Ticket Attorneys Are Here To Help!

It is in your best interest to have an experienced speeding ticket attorney in your corner when facing serious traffic violations like excessive speeding. If you choose to simply pay the citation, you’re not only admitting fault but accepting the fact that points will be added to your license and your insurance rates will likely increase as well. Depending on your driving record, the additional points may be enough to get your license suspended or even revoked.

With over 20 years of experience in Maryland, Baltimore speeding ticket lawyer Hillel Traub can analyze your case and structure a defense against your citation and any associated criminal charges. This is best achieved, however, only if you’re proactive in acquiring the services of a knowledgeable speeding ticket attorney. Contact The Law Offices of Hillel Traub, P.A. today at 410-580-1100 for a free consultation.


What are the penalties for excessive speeding in Maryland?

Excessive speeding can result in steep fines and points on the driver’s license. Criminal charges may result from factors such as whether the driver was intoxicated and whether his or her speeding caused an accident.


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