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Baltimore DUI Manslaughter Lawyer


maryland vehicular manslaughterMany people fail to realize just how serious a DUI charge is in the state of Maryland. According to the CDC, 1,716 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in Maryland between 2003 and 2012. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol puts countless lives in danger, which is why traffic police throughout Baltimore dedicate copious resources to catching drivers who appear to be intoxicated.

As DUI laws become more strict in Maryland, the chances of being accused of driving under the influence increases. A DUI manslaughter charge is possibly the gravest of all DUI charges; an accusation of this offense can significantly impact your reputation and future prospects. Without a tough Baltimore DUI lawyer who serves Baltimore and surrounding areas on your side, you could face years of imprisonment and many other penalties. Seek legal counsel immediately after a DUI manslaughter arrest in Baltimore.


DUI manslaughter takes place when a person becomes severely injured or killed in a drunk driving crash. This offense is a variant of vehicular manslaughter, which further breaks down into two categories based on the degree of negligence (criminal and gross negligence). The State of Maryland charges DUI manslaughter, also referred to as homicide by motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, when it alleges that alcohol played a role in causing a death in a car crash.


The penalty for vehicular manslaughter depends on the specific offense. A person who is convicted of DUI manslaughter in Maryland for the first time may face a prison term of up to 5 years and fines of up to $5,000. To acquire a conviction, the prosecution must establish that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and that a person was killed in the crash because of his or her impairment behind the wheel.


There are many ways to challenge a DUI manslaughter charge. Attorney Hillel Traub of The Law Office of Hillel Traub thoroughly understands the elements the State of Maryland must prove to gain a conviction in your case. He has vast experience challenging the State’s evidence in cases involving homicide by motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol. He may be able to question expert witnesses, dispute toxicology reports, the findings of field sobriety tests, and more.


If you have recently experienced a forceful car crash in Baltimore and were found to be at fault due to driving under the influence of alcohol, you likely have a lot on your mind. You may be juggling your civil claim with your criminal case as you worry about your future and how your charge will affect the lives of your loved ones. If you’re concerned about the potential consequences of a DUI manslaughter conviction, take swift action to attain the services of a DUI manslaughter lawyer.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hillel Traub, a former Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA, for help combating your criminal manslaughter charge. Our firm has received dozens of raving reviews from Marylanders in situations like yours. Call (410) 589-2794 or complete our online contact form for a free consultation.


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