• Can You Challenge the Accuracy of a Radar Gun in Maryland?

    There’s nothing quite as intimidating as seeing police lights in your rearview mirror. If you get pulled over for allegedly speeding, you may come away from an encounter with the cops facing a speeding ticket. While you can challenge these tickets in court, it can be difficult to know what arguments you can make in […]

  • Lesser Known Ways a DUI Conviction Could Impact Your Life

    DUI convictions have a long-lasting impact on your relationship with your friends, loved ones, and career. The ways these criminal charges can change your life vary, however, from person to person. While the greatest of the impacts—financial strain, for example, and loss of opportunities for work—are well-known, there are subtler ways an unchallenged conviction can […]

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  • What to Do if You Get Pulled Over With Marijuana in Your Vehicle

    As more and more states follow the trend of legalizing certain usage of marijuana, it may be easy to forget that the drug is not legal in Maryland. While you may be able to drive a few states over and purchase marijuana at a local grocery store, being caught with this drug within the state […]

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  • Can Maryland Police Search Your Vehicle if They Smell Marijuana?

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  • How Is Negligent Driving Defined in Maryland?

    In the state of Maryland, negligent driving is one of the most commonly cited offenses.  It should come as no surprise that being negligent while behind the wheel of a car is very dangerous, leading to thousands of accidents per year.  In fact, data from the Maryland Department of Transportation shows that there were 95,562 […]

  • Who Is Responsible for an Electric Scooter Accident in Maryland?

    In recent years, the popularity of electric scooters has seen a dramatic increase, especially in bigger cities. As fuel prices and other commuting related costs have increased, electric scooters have provided a more cost-effective alternative for getting around. Also, with recent court decisions being made, whether the scooter is street legal is also an issue. […]