• “Don’t Block the Box” Campaign Aims to Change Baltimore’s Driving Habits

    Most of us know the feeling of dread that rush hour traffic unleashes. With the length of rush hour extending earlier into the afternoon and later in the evening, it’s nearly impossible to beat. With most people leaving the city for the suburbs at 5 p.m., Baltimore’s streets turn into a beehive of anxious motorists […]

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle a Traffic Ticket or Can I Pay the Fine?

    Many people are unsure of what to do after receiving a traffic ticket in or near Baltimore, though they know they have two main choices: pay the fine or call a lawyer. The fact of the matter is, the State of Maryland makes it easy to think you’ve resolved a ticket by allowing you to […]

  • how much does speeding affect car insurance rates maryland

    How Much Does Speeding Affect Car Insurance Rates?

    Getting a ticket can often be a frustrating experience. Sure, you may have exceeded the posted limit by a few miles per hour, but you probably weren’t the fastest driver out there; you were just the one who got caught. A speeding ticket can set your day back and tarnish a clean driving record if […]

  • baltimore traffic cameras

    Baltimore Brings Back Speed Cameras

    Getting a traffic ticket in the mail without ever having been stopped by a police officer is an unpleasant way of finding out you committed a traffic violation. Unfortunately, Baltimore’s residents were subjected to an unfair traffic camera system a few years ago. That system was discontinued in 2013 due to erroneous tickets being issued. […]

  • maryland suspended license attorney needed

    Insuring a Vehicle with a Suspended License in Maryland

    When you’ve had your driver’s license suspended, there may be several reasons why you’d want to buy a new car. This situation is not unheard of; you might have a family member available to drive you around while your license is suspended or need to buy a vehicle for your employees to use. Unfortunately, while […]

  • buying a car with a suspended license in maryland

    Can I Purchase a Car with a Suspended License?

    A suspended driver’s license typically presents roadblocks in daily life. From making it more challenging to get to and from places you need to go to restricting your personal freedom, many adverse effects usually follow the state’s decision to suspend a person’s driving privileges. Therefore, it sounds logical that in order to buy a new […]

  • traffic attorney maryland

    Finding Out Why Your License Was Suspended in Maryland

    Despite an array of public transportation options, most people in Baltimore rely on driving to get around. Residents of Baltimore and the greater state of Maryland drive to hold down a job, take their kids to and from school, attend medical appointments, fill their refrigerators, and more. Losing the legal ability to drive through a […]

  • maryland traffic attorney

    Unpaid Taxes Could Lead to a Driver’s License Suspension in Maryland

    Millions of drivers in the United States have had their licenses suspended for non-traffic related matters. According to The Washington Post, approximately 7 million people have had their driver’s licenses suspended for failing to pay traffic tickets and court fees. Another reason many individuals might face license suspension in Maryland is because they owe taxes […]

  • traffic violations across state lines

    How an Out-of-State Violation Follows You Home

    You might not think much about getting a traffic ticket in another state; however, Maryland is one of 45 states participating in the Driver License Compact, an agreement in which member states exchange information regarding licensing drivers, including information and procedures for reporting traffic offenses, convictions, and license suspensions. For example, if you are a […]

  • how to find a good traffic attorney

    5 Tips for Hiring the Right Baltimore Traffic Attorney

    After receiving a traffic ticket, it can be appealing to pay off the fine — especially if it is your first ticket or an inexpensive violation. However, you should know that doing so is an admission of guilt and that, the more you admit guilt by paying off the fines, the more points you accumulate […]

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