• Scooter move

    Do You Need Insurance to Ride a Scooter in Maryland?

    It’s a sunny afternoon, and you are eager to explore the city streets on one of those new electric scooters you’ve seen zipping around lately. As you glide through traffic, enjoying the freedom of this trendy mode of transportation, anxiety begins to creep in. You start to wonder if you are riding it legally and […]

  • can you get a job with a suspended drivers license

    Do Suspended Licenses Show Up on Background Checks?

    Future employers and even dating partners are interested in confirming a person’s identity and knowing whether they’re hiring or dating someone who has been in trouble with the law. Today, background check services are available to everyone. But will a suspended license show on your future background check? If you’re concerned about a suspended driver’s […]

  • how long do points stay on your license in md

    How Long Do Points Stay on Your Maryland Driver’s Record?

    Have you ever received a traffic ticket and paid it outright, or have you ever gone to court for a traffic offense and been found guilty? If you answered yes to either question, chances are you have points on your license. Point accumulation on your driver’s license is highly unfavorable, as it can lead to […]

  • What is Maryland’s “Duty to Retreat” Law?

    Crime statistics for the state of Maryland are rather grim. More than 168,000 violent crimes took place in Maryland in 2016. Offenses like murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, larceny, and motor vehicle theft affected thousands of victims. These are all crimes in which a victim could protect him or herself through self-defense, […]

  • What Happens If a Police Officer Fails to Appear in Traffic Court?

    If you’re pulled over and accused of breaking a traffic law, the law enforcement officer may issue you a traffic citation or ticket that details the violation, the associated fine, and your options for paying it. Many drivers’ first instinct after receiving a citation is to pay the fine, accept the consequences, and move on […]

  • Does Getting a Traffic Ticket Violate My Probation Terms?

    When a judge sentences a convicted person to probation instead of jail, or a criminal is released from prison early on parole, there are strict rules and regulations the individual must follow. One is to obey all federal, state, and municipal laws. This leads many people to wonder whether receiving a traffic ticket breaks the […]

  • How Can an Attorney Help Me If My License Was Revoked in Maryland?

    When your license is revoked, it means your driving privileges have been terminated indefinitely, leaving you unable to operate a vehicle legally. Losing your driver’s license can feel like losing a piece of your independence and freedom, especially in Maryland, where the ability to drive is often necessary to get to work, school, and around […]

  • Myths About Maryland Traffic Tickets

    While myths like the tales of Sasquatch or Mothman are largely harmless, not all myths are created equal. When we believe untrue tales surrounding traffic laws, there can be real and immediate consequences. If we are ignorant of Maryland traffic ticket regulations, we will likely face fines, penalties, and other legal troubles. Don’t let myths […]

  • Can I Get 8 Points on My License From a Single Traffic Violation in Maryland?

    Holding a driver’s license in Maryland comes with the responsibility of adhering to traffic laws to retain a clean driving record. Unfortunately, with just one wrong move behind the wheel, you could face lasting consequences that extend far beyond the initial citation. Accumulating eight points on your license from a single traffic violation in Maryland […]

  • how to fight a camera speeding ticket

    Why You Should Contest a Camera Speeding Ticket

    The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration issues photo-enforced tickets to drivers who speed past fixed traffic cameras. Anyone going 12 or more miles per hour over the local speed limit may receive such a ticket instead of being stopped by a traffic officer. These speed cameras capture images of passing cars and their license plates. Once […]