Does Getting a Traffic Ticket Violate My Probation Terms?

When a judge sentences a convicted person to probation instead of jail, or a criminal is released from prison early on parole, there are strict rules and regulations the individual must follow. One is to obey all federal, state, and municipal laws. This leads many people to wonder whether receiving a traffic ticket breaks the judge’s terms.

If you’re being charged with a traffic violation while on parole or probation, you should reach out to a traffic offense attorney. They can review the terms of your probation and help you throughout the legal process.

Maryland Traffic Laws and Probation Terms

In Maryland, a standard parole and probation condition is to receive no severe traffic violations. In most instances, this means you can’t be convicted of a crime that carries jail time. So, speeding tickets, seat belt violations, and failing to stop at a stop sign may not mean you violated the terms of your probation. Offenses like driving under the influence or vehicular manslaughter may carry jail time. No matter the terms of the citation, the violation will most likely make it to your probation officer’s desk.

What Happens If I Get a Traffic Ticket on Probation?

If you’re not charged with a serious traffic offense, the alleged violation may not impact the terms of your probation. Speeding and failing to signal are everyday occurrences, and probation officers typically understand that.

However, if a court finds you guilty of a serious traffic offense, such as driving with a suspended license or operating an uninsured motor vehicle, you may face more consequences beyond a fine. Your probation officer will report it, and the sentencing judge may become involved. In addition to any fines and jail time you receive from the traffic conviction, you may lose your probation or parole privileges.

You should always be honest with your probation officer. If you try lying about a traffic violation, you’re going to get caught. They probably already know about your citation and the circumstances surrounding the case. Lying to your probation officer may result in them being more inclined to report technical violations, such as missing an appointment or showing up late to community service. You may also lose the privilege of probation.

Overall, a traffic violation, even a minor one, may indeed result in disciplinary action. It all depends on your probation officer and the circumstances surrounding the traffic incident.

Can I Challenge the Ticket?

Just like any other crime, you may challenge the ticket in court. Even though the types of violations you may fight in traffic court do not always lead to incarceration, if the court finds you guilty, you may lose your probation or parole privileges per the original terms of your sentencing.

However, those on probation or parole are often at a disadvantage when facing a traffic court judge. People tend to make a judgment based on a person’s criminal history. Someone on probation may be treated differently in traffic court, even if they have a clean driving history and only one offense on their record. This is why it’s vital to obtain legal representation.

Skilled Legal Counsel in Maryland

If you’re on probation or parole and are charged with a traffic violation, you should seek legal counsel. At The Law Office of Hillel Traub, we will review your probation terms to determine the situation’s seriousness. Attorney Hillel Traub will also be able to advise you on how to communicate with your probation officer for the best possible outcome.

A ttorney Traub will aggressively defend you against traffic charges and fight for you to remain on probation or parole. With years of experience, he knows how to craft a winning defense strategy for his clients.

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