Maryland DUI Diversion Programs

Maryland DUI Diversion Programs


In Maryland, a CDC survey showed that 2.1% of drivers admit to driving after drinking too much—that’s one percentage point over the national rate. An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) in Maryland can lead to severe penalties that may affect your freedom, reputation, and future. However, there are options that you may be eligible for that may help you avoid jail time and lessen otherwise strict penalties for DUI in Maryland. DUI diversion programs are one way that first-time offenders charged with DUI may maintain their freedom without jail sentences.

If you face DUI charges in Baltimore, contact seasoned DUI attorney Hillel Traub to discuss the legal options available to you. As a former Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland Motor Vehicles Association, Hillel provides valuable insight and knowledge to help his clients achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

What DUI Diversion Programs Are Available to Some First-Time Offenders in Maryland?

When it’s your first DUI offense, you are usually eligible for alternative sentencing options other than jail time. These may not be available to a second or third-time offender. Depending on the case’s circumstances, a Maryland driver charged with first-offense DUI may avoid jail sentences. 

Maryland’s sentencing guidelines vary according to the county where the arrest was made, along with the specific details of the case. However, if you are charged with DUI for the first time, you could receive a suspended sentence that might include: 

  • Participation and completion of an alcohol counseling or safe driving class
  • Being placed on probation with limited driving privileges
  • Attendance of at least one victim impact panel run by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Advocacy Group

Successful completion of these DUI diversion programs will typically allow a first-time offender to maintain much of their freedom and avoid incarceration.

What Happens If I Violate the Terms of Probation?

Violating your probation by driving during unauthorized times of the day, failing to complete alcohol counseling or any other violation may cause the judge to withdraw the Probation Before Judgment and pass the guilty verdict.

At that point, you would be entitled to a court hearing to contend why you did not truly violate probation or why you deserve a second chance. Attorney Hillel Traub can advocate for you during this hearing, emphasize the positive actions you’ve taken, and request that the judge reassess the guilty verdict and replace it with a Probation Before Judgment.

While violating your probation will result in a conviction, the judge may later strike the guilty verdict and allow the Probation Before Judgement during the sentencing hearing if you demonstrate compliance and good behavior.

Contact a Knowledgeable Baltimore DUI Defense Attorney About DUI Diversion Programs in Maryland

If you were arrested for DUI in Baltimore, do not delay retaining trusted legal representation. DUI defense attorney Hillel with The Law Office of Hillel Traub can explain what Maryland DUI diversion programs you may be eligible for and what legal options you have. He has proudly served residents in Baltimore and throughout Maryland for over 20 years, winning countless favorable criminal and traffic results for his clients.

To speak with Hillel about your Maryland DUI offense, schedule a free consultation by completing a contact form or calling 410-580-1100.


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