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traffic citationThe negative ramifications of traffic offenses can have a serious impact on your life. At the Law Offices of Hillel Traub, P.A., we recognize that. We have a proven track record of success in eliminating or reducing fines and penalties associated with traffic tickets, traffic citations and violations.

Hillel Traub has more than 20 years of experience resolving traffic cases. He worked as the Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA), which provided valuable insight into the traffic violation court system.


Hillel Traub will apply his experience to ensure the best possible outcome. Our firm is prepared to handle all cases related to traffic violations. Learn more about our specializations below.


Our experience with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration means motor vehicle offenses are our specialty. From reducing fines to minimizing penalties, we know how to achieve the best possible results for Baltimore traffic tickets and violations. We may be able to get your fine reduced or waived.


Traffic offenses regarding a Commercial Driver License can threaten your career. However, the very nature of having a job that keeps you on the road increases your chances of being pulled over. We know that your job can take you all over the country, so we will fight your Baltimore traffic tickets without you needing to return here.


Being charged with drinking and driving is a serious offense, but it does not make you a criminal. While your first DUI can result in a fine and a suspended license, your second DUI can include jail time. When that happens, you need someone who has experience with the system to ensure you are represented fairly. We will fight these charges to help mitigate the impact to your driver’s license and insurance premiums.


Before accepting the repercussions related to a traffic offense charge, contact us to discuss your options. Not only could your insurance premiums go up, but you could lose your license for subsequent violations. We have the knowledge required to handle everything from minor non-moving traffic violations and speeding tickets to serious DUI allegations.


Traffic violations are not to be taken lightly, so you need the expert legal team or a speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Offices of Hillel Traub, P.A. in your corner to ensure the best possible results. As a small firm, we are proud to offer the personal attention you need to face your case head on, and you can count on our experience and legal knowledge to protect your rights.

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