Will a Speeding Ticket Show Up on a Background Check?

do speeding tickets show up on background checks

If you’re concerned about a speeding ticket showing up on a background check, you first need to ask what type of background check it is. For instance, background checks for employment tend to dig into your criminal history rather than your driving record. Traffic violations happen when drivers break the rules of the road. While road rules exist to keep drivers safe, less serious violations are not considered criminal offenses. Payable traffic offenses — or those for which you may pay a ticket and move on with your life — are minor infractions which do not result in jail time upon a conviction.

How Speeding & Traffic Tickets Can Affect Your Job Search

Minor traffic violations like speeding in Maryland may lead to an assessment of points against your driver’s license, but they won’t establish a criminal record, even if you are found “guilty” of the violation. As a result, you do not need to disclose a speeding ticket or citation for any other payable offense.

Things may look different if driving is part of your job duties. If you are specifically applying for a job in which you will frequently drive for the employer, the company will review your driving record. Past traffic violations will likely reveal themselves, some of which may be several years old. Additionally, the more citations you receive, the more points you accumulate against your license. If your license is ultimately suspended in Baltimore, you can no longer apply for jobs that require you to have a valid driver’s license.

Can You Remove Traffic Tickets From Your Record?

The important lesson to understand regarding minor violations in Maryland is that the more points you accumulate against your license, the closer you become to having the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) suspend your license. Driving on a suspended license is a much more serious offense that you cannot pay off like a ticket.

When you pay a ticket and go about your day, you are admitting that you committed the offense for which you were cited. The state may have a convenient program for paying traffic tickets online, but it is in your best interest to fight each ticket you incur. Experienced traffic violations lawyers should handle your traffic tickets as they can find ways of helping you maintain a clean driving record. This is especially important if you are looking for driver jobs or your prospective place of work will require you to travel in a company car frequently.

Should You Disclose Traffic Violations on a Job Application?

Minor traffic violations include speeding, running a red light, improper turns, and more. While these offenses can stay off your job application, serious offenses like the following must be disclosed upon a conviction,

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