5 Ways a Poor Driving Record can Affect Your Life

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Few events in life follow you around like those that go on your driving record. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) keeps track of every citation you incur. Citations in Maryland can add up to points against your license, which could ultimately lead to a driver’s license suspension.

A poor driving record may not only affect your legal ability to drive, but also other areas of your life that may not have ever occurred to you. Besides increased car insurance rates, your driving record with the MVA can affect civil liberties and even your professional life.

Car Insurance Rates

A poor driving record has a direct impact on your car insurance bill. You might have to pay more for car insurance if you prove to be a high-risk driver, which costs your insurance company more to insure you. A serious offense such as a DUI or reckless driving charge will push you into the high-risk driver category and up your premium by a substantial amount.

Your Credit Rating

Failing to pay a traffic ticket can influence your credit rating. Most jurisdictions charge fees for failing to pay a traffic ticket on time. They may also turn your unpaid citations over to collections agencies, which will negatively impact your credit rating. If you have received a traffic ticket in Baltimore, you have only three options for resolving the ticket. Working with an attorney is the only option that may lead to clearing your driving record of your offense completely.

Being Arrested

Unfortunately, depending on the severity of your traffic violation or the number of traffic offenses under your belt, you may be arrested for a traffic offense. You may also be arrested for continued failure to respond to citations. Avoid the worst penalties with the help of a Baltimore traffic citation attorney.

Losing your Right to Vote

A felony traffic offense, such as a DUI or DWI that results in another’s death, will lead to the loss of several rights including the right to vote. Multiple DUI charges may also lead to a felony DUI charge upon which a conviction will cause you to lose the following civil rights:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to serve on a jury
  • The right to hold public office
  • The right to receive federal aid for education
  • right to become a firefighter
  • Your ability to travel freely to foreign countries may also be limited.

Losing your Job

Many employers rely on employees to access reliable private transportation to be able to go to and from work with ease. Employers may make this a job requirement, limiting your opportunities, especially if you drive for a living. A suspended license on your record will likely cause your employer to choose another candidate if your ability to drive is important to them.

If you maintain your driving privilege but are considered a high-risk driver, and you drive a company car, the insurance rate just might be too high for your company to cover it. Your company may look into replacing you with someone who has a clean driving record.

Protect Your License with a Traffic Lawyer in Baltimore, MD.

When you are dealing with serious traffic violations in Baltimore that can affect other areas of your life, you need to work with an experienced attorney who has had a successful track record. Hillel Traub of The Law Office of Hillel Traub has over 20 years of experience defending Baltimore residents against traffic violations. He has sharpened his expertise through his position as the former Assistant Attorney General for the MVA.

If you seek the best possible outcome in your traffic case, contact Hillel Traub at (410) 580-1100 for a free consultation.