Why You Shouldn’t Pay that Traffic Ticket!

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After receiving a traffic ticket, some people might assume they must pay the fine to avoid legal trouble. This isn’t necessarily true. If you have received a traffic ticket in Baltimore or a nearby location, you have three options for responding to it, of which only one is paying off the fine.

If you’re unsure about which option you should choose, consider seeking legal advice from a qualified traffic attorney.

3 Ways to Respond to a Maryland Traffic Ticket

A person who receives a citation for a “payable traffic offense” has just thirty (30) days to respond to the citation by doing one of the following:

  • Paying the fine and pleading “guilty”
  • Requesting a waiver hearing to plead “guilty with an explanation.” This option allows the defendant to request a reduction or elimination of the fine associated with the citation. This option requires a court appearance.
  • Requesting a trial to plead “not guilty.” This option requires a court appearance.

Option 3 is the choice any lawyer will advise you take because it is the only way to avoid admitting guilt. Through a competent legal defense, it may be possible to avoid the charge and a host of other consequences that may accompany a guilty plea.

5 Reasons to Avoid Paying the Traffic Fine

For almost every traffic citation you can possibly receive, it makes sense to go with Option 3. Requesting a trial to plead not guilty provides many short-and long-term benefits.

  • When you pay the fine, you admit guilt. You void your right to a fair trial and allow the state to charge you with a traffic violation without defending yourself.
  • You accumulate points against your Maryland driver’s license when you admit guilt by paying the ticket.
  • The more tickets you get and pay off, the more points you accumulate against your license. These points can add up, inching you closer to a license suspension which will cost even more to resolve down the road.
  • The more tickets you get and pay, the more you will pay in insurance costs as your insurance agency will see points being added to your license. When you admit guilt to a traffic offense, you show that you are a riskier driver and basically say to the insurance company “Charge me more!”
  • Lastly, you should avoid paying a traffic ticket simply because there are ways to resolve the ticket without paying a fine. By hiring an experienced traffic lawyer in Baltimore and surrounding areas, you could avoid fees and other penalties.

Perhaps the most important reason to avoid paying a ticket is to avoid the accumulation of points on your driver’s license. An attorney can help you avoid these points, which can help you avoid the fees and headaches that follow a license suspension. If you want to save money and maintain a clean driving record, work with an attorney to request a trial for your traffic citation. Remember, you have just 30 days to act.

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