4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer and Not Pay Your Traffic Citation

traffic citation attorney

The quickest and easiest way to have your day ruined is by getting pulled over by a police officer and getting a traffic citation. Maryland police officers do this daily, and for commuters, it is an experience they’d prefer to be over with as soon as possible. Not only are you embarrassed about being stopped by the police, but at the end of the exchange, you’re stuck with a hefty fine and possibly points on your driving record.

In an attempt to be “good citizens” or “nip it in the bud,” many people pay their tickets as soon as possible to avoid further issues. However, your Maryland traffic ticket will state that you need to respond to the citation within 30 days; not necessarily pay it. A better option is to hire a lawyer who can fight the ticket for you. Hiring a lawyer can save you time, money, provide you with a legal advocate, and keep points off your license. Here’s how:

Save You Time

If you decide to fight a traffic citation without legal representation, you’ll need to appear in court to represent yourself. To do this, you’ll have to take time off of work, journey to the courthouse, and sit through all court proceedings.

Before you ever step foot in a courtroom, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with court operations, state-specific laws, and appropriate defenses to present. By hiring an attorney, you have someone knowledgeable about traffic laws who can appear in court on your behalf, allowing your day-to-day operations to go uninterrupted.

Perhaps most importantly for many is that Hillel Traub can appear on your behalf for many citations without you having to be present.  That means you do not have to miss work or school to fight yor ticket.

Save You Money

Traffic tickets are expensive. A typical speeding ticket can be upwards of $500 depending on the details of the incident, including how many miles per hour over the posted speed limit you were going. On many occasions, hiring a lawyer is cheaper than paying a fine upfront, and even when it isn’t, there’s a chance your lawyer can mitigate fines and charges. Paying the ticket is an admission of guilt and will likely result in MVA assessing points to your driving record. In the event your lawyer cannot get the charges dropped, he or she can still possibly get a probationary sentence, the fine reduced and/or the points withheld.

Fight For Your Rights

As a licensed driver in Maryland, you have rights that you may be unaware of. Your attorney is not only there to help you understand your rights but also to ensure that they are protected in court. An experienced traffic offense lawyer can point out the intricacies of your citation that an average person would likely overlook and use missteps in the ticketing process to see your charges lessened or even dismissed.

Keep Points Off Your License

The most advantageous aspect of having a lawyer fight the ticket for you is the possibility of no points being added to your driving record. When you pay the citation, you admit guilt and accept that points will be added to your license. Your attorney can challenge every aspect of the case and fight for lesser penalties.

When it’s not possible to dismiss your case, your traffic attorney can negotiate for you to simply pay the fine while ensuring that you don’t accumulate points against your driver’s license.

The Law Office of Hillel Traub is here to help you. With over 25 years of experience, Hillel Traub understands what it takes to successfully combat a traffic citation and will handle your case with careful and meticulous hands. Hillel has defended hundreds of clients in similar situations with very favorable results. If you are facing license suspension, revocation, or even hefty fine, contact us today at 410-580-1100 for a free consultation.