• considering jury trial for dui

    Considering a Jury Trial to Fight a DUI in Maryland

    Driving under the influence is a serious traffic offense that may lead to significant penalties, such as jail time and steep fines, and the possibility of taking a mandated DUI course and installing an ignition interlock device. People caught driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated (DWI) also face license suspension. A DUI charge […]

  • must appear offenses in maryland

    What Are the “Must Appear” Offenses in Maryland Traffic Laws

    Traffic offenses in Maryland vary in severity, and there are different ways to resolve each one. Some traffic offenses carry severe penalties that may include jail time, while others warrant a small fine. A payable traffic offense, for example, would be handled much differently than a must appear offense. Because circumstances vary for each case, […]

  • 4th of july car accident

    Spike in Drunk Driving Arrests During Fourth of July

    Drunk driving accidents are often catastrophic for victims and their families. DUI crashes are entirely preventable, yet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares that about 30 people die every day in an auto accident that involves alcohol. The Fourth of July is one of the deadliest and most dangerous holidays for DUI fatalities. According […]

  • Maryland implied consent law for dui

    What Does Maryland’s Implied Consent Law Mean for DUI?

    Being pulled over for DUI in Maryland is a nerve-wracking experience that can present a number of questions. If you’re stopped for DUI, do you have the option to avoid a chemical test to determine your BAC, or blood alcohol content? What are your rights during a DUI investigation? Why did the law enforcement officer […]

  • penalties for repeat traffic offenders

    What Are the Penalties for Repeat Traffic Offenses in Maryland

    After a car or truck accident in Maryland, an investigation will occur shortly after discovering whether a traffic offense occurred. If law enforcement finds that the driver who caused the accident also violated Maryland’s traffic laws, he or she may face both criminal and civil penalties. Those penalties may include monetary fines and a driver’s […]

  • Police officers back to enforcing speeding tickets

    Maryland Police Back to Enforcing Speeding Laws in Full Force

    With much of the state still on lockdown, there are fewer cars on the roads. Fewer cars on the roads means speeding is rampant among those who are driving to conduct essential business. Police officers in Maryland have flagged people traveling 100 miles per hour or more throughout the state, a significant speeding violation in […]

  • Checking your phone at a stoplight

    Can You Check Your Phone at a Red Light in Maryland?

    Distracted driving contributes to thousands of deaths nationwide annually. In Maryland, many car crashes which result in serious injuries and fatalities happen because people take their attention away from the road — a mistake that can turn serious in an instant. Whether you grab a bite or text behind the wheel, breaking laws that aim […]

  • Speeding tickets in Maryland

    Speeding Violations Increase Around the Country Amid COVID-19

    Most of the United States is currently under a patchwork of orders calling for people to stay at home. The risks associated with catching and spreading coronavirus are too great to go on about life as usual. The coronavirus disease of 2019, also called COVID-19, has been proven deadly among people of all ages, and […]

  • Accident Without Insurance

    What Happens if You Crash a Car Without Auto Insurance?

    Maryland is part of the vast majority of states in which drivers are legally obligated to carry auto insurance. Driving without insurance is a crime and may lead to severe penalties. How will the State know whether you have insurance or not? Getting into an accident is a guaranteed way to make it known that […]

  • cameras for catching distracted drivers

    Maryland Suburb Considers Installing Cameras for Distracted Driving

    Almost all states have prohibited the use of cell phones while driving, but distracted driving remains a significant problem throughout the U.S. According to the CDC, 1,000 people are hurt, and 9 are killed, in distracted driving crashes daily. Many of these accidents involve people who text and drive, despite laws making it illegal to […]