• Understanding the Penalties for Failure to Produce a License in Maryland

    If you are in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle, you must produce a valid driver’s license by request during a routine traffic stop in Maryland. Failure to comply with this obligation can have far-reaching consequences, impacting various facets of your life. Whether it results in a citation, court appearances, or even the suspension […]

  • Is Brake Checking Illegal in Maryland?

    Maryland’s roadways can be a breeding ground for tension and impatience among drivers. In our stop-and-go traffic, it is not uncommon to witness behaviors like brake checking. Unfortunately, these maneuvers can turn what would otherwise be a routine commute into a hazardous situation – but is it against the law? If you have found yourself […]

  • Should You Video Your Interactions With Maryland Police Officers?

    If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint or pulled over by the police in Maryland, it’s important to understand your rights to record your police interactions and how doing so can benefit you and your case. Like many states, Maryland recognizes your right to record law enforcement in public spaces under certain conditions. Having […]

  • When Can a Police Officer Pull You Over in Maryland?

    When driving in Maryland, you may worry about being pulled over and wonder when a traffic stop is legal. According to the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, law enforcement must have reasonable suspicion before pulling you over. When they do, they cannot prolong the stop or look for other violations. Our knowledgeable lawyer at […]

  • What to Expect From an MVA Hearing

    When summoned by the Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) for a hearing, it is natural to feel apprehension and uncertainty, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. This hearing is critical in addressing various issues related to your driving privileges, such as license suspensions, revocations, or accumulated points. Understanding what to expect during an MVA […]

  • 4 Defense Strategies for an MVA Hearing

    Having your license suspended, whether due to a DUI or traffic offense, can significantly disrupt your life. In an MVA hearing, you and your lawyer stand before an administrative law judge with an opportunity to defend your case. Although an MVA hearing appears simpler than a courtroom trial, it involves very serious issues that can […]

  • What to Do If You Missed an MVA Hearing

    Attendance is mandatory if you request a Maryland MVA hearing. While having a lawyer is beneficial, they cannot attend in your place. If you fail to show up, the MVA will proceed with implementing the suspension, revocation, or any other intended action. It is best to contact an experienced lawyer at The Law Office of […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About SR22 Insurance in Maryland

    In cases where your license is suspended for reasons such as an unresolved judgment, a DUI offense, or convictions related to insurance, the State of Maryland might mandate filing an SR22 insurance certificate. This SR22, often known as High-Risk Insurance, guarantees future financial responsibility to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Typically, it is required to […]

  • 3 Best Tips for Contesting Traffic Tickets

    When you are cited for a traffic violation, it is important to remember that you have options to contest tickets if you believe you were wrongly cited. Contesting a ticket may seem daunting, but with the right tips, such as requesting a trial, reviewing your traffic ticket for errors, and seeking legal counsel, you can […]

  • Photo Radar Tickets: Debunking Myths and Understanding Your Legal Options

    In the age of advanced technology, traffic enforcement has evolved, with photo radar systems becoming a common tool to catch speeding and red-light violations. However, there is ample misinformation and confusion surrounding photo radar tickets, including whether they are enforceable, accurate, or fightable. If you were cited by a photo radar system, you may have […]