What Happens If a Maryland Police Officer Doesn’t Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket

If you are pulled over and issued a traffic ticket for violating a traffic law, many drivers would be inclined to pay the fine and move on. Unfortunately, simply accepting the consequences of a traffic ticket may be detrimental in the long run. As points accumulate on your driving record, you may face penalties such as increased insurance rates or license suspension. Contesting your traffic ticket in court with an experienced traffic violations lawyer on your side increases your chances of a favorable outcome.

In Maryland, police officers often have specific days when they are scheduled to be in court. However, you may be wondering what happens if they don’t appear for your scheduled court date. Our skilled lawyer at The Law Office of Hillel Traub can help answer any questions you may have about this process.

What Happens If a Maryland Police Officer Fails To Appear in Court?

It is widely believed that if a police officer fails to appear in court for a traffic ticket case, the case is automatically dismissed. In reality, it may depend on the presiding judge. It is never a guarantee that a traffic court case will be resolved if the police officer is a no-show. However, that’s not to say that it never happens. The judge may decline to postpone, so the case can’t be heard at a later time and the case will likely be dismissed.

In Maryland, police officers are subject to scheduled days each month where they are expected to attend court. On those days, the majority of traffic ticket hearings may be scheduled so that most officers never miss a court day.

Typically, if a police officer fails to appear in court due to an unforeseeable circumstance, such as illness, a death in the family, or a work-related emergency, they can call or email the court explaining their situation. Police officers rarely fail to inform the court of their absence, but if that were to happen, your case would likely be dismissed.

What If You Miss a Maryland Traffic Court Appearance?

Missing a court date may occur for many reasons, such as an emergency, forgetfulness, or the assumption that their court date may be postponed to a day an officer cannot attend. It is never in your best interest to miss a court appearance, but when situations arise, you have the following options:

  • Request a case reset: You may reschedule your court date. You will need to pay a fine as a penalty deposit.
  • Pay the fine: Points will be added to your driving record, your insurance rates may increase, and any other penalties associated with the charge may be applied.
  • Retain a traffic violations lawyer: Work with an experienced Maryland traffic lawyer who will appear in court on your behalf.

At The Law Office of Hillel Traub, we have represented countless clients in court and can help you with your case as well.

Speak With an Experienced Traffic Violations Lawyer at The Law Office of Hillel Traub

Choosing to fight your ticket in court may be stressful, but it is worth the effort to save you points on your driving record, money, and time in the long run. Although your traffic ticket may not be automatically dismissed if a Maryland police officer doesn’t show up to your court hearing, retaining an experienced traffic violations lawyer at The Law Office of Hillel Traub can help you increase your chances of success in reducing or eliminating the violation against you.

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