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Nothing can instantly ruin a person’s day like seeing a police vehicle turn on their red and blue flashing lights in their rearview mirror. Getting pulled over for violating a traffic law can result in costly fines and, on occasion, more severe penalties like the loss of one’s license. Whether you get off with a minor traffic infraction or if you have been charged with a more serious traffic-related crime, it’s important that you know what your rights are. If you need help with a traffic ticket in Baltimore County, it is crucial that you reach out to an experienced traffic lawyer.

At the Law Office of Hillel Traub, Attorney Traub has more than 25 years of experience helping clients who have been charged with traffic violations in Baltimore County, Maryland. Hillel Traub prides himself on being able to help clients reduce or eliminate fines and penalties associated with traffic citations or violations. We understand that the Maryland legal system can be overwhelming. That is why Attorney Hillel Traub is proud to provide clients with the award-winning and dedicated service they deserve. If you have been charged with a serious traffic offense, Attorney Traub may be able to help you avoid any serious repercussions that may come as a result of an unfair fine or penalty. 

What Are Common Types of Traffic Violations in Baltimore County?

Whenever a person gets behind the wheel of a car, there are several different reasons they may end up pulled over. Here are some of the most common types of traffic violations that occur in Baltimore County.


Speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic citations given to drivers. Whether you are just keeping up with traffic, or flying twenty miles over the legal speed limit, if you are caught by a police officer, you may end up with a costly fine or points on your license that could result in you eventually losing your license altogether. A speeding ticket can also lead to increases in your insurance rates. 

Cell Phone Usage While Driving

Driving while using a cell phone is dangerous and may result in a fine with points added to your license if you are caught. However, if you have the help of an experienced traffic lawyer, you may not have to face conviction or extreme penalties for this offense. 

Suspended License

This type of traffic violation is serious and can result in substantial penalties. In extreme cases, you may even face jail time if you do not seek help from a Baltimore County traffic lawyer. 

Driving under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a serious traffic offense that can result in extensive fines, penalties, and even jail time. Every time a person gets behind the wheel of their car, they have a responsibility to themselves and other people on the road to adhere to safe driving practices, which is not possible when a person is impaired due to their consumption of drugs or alcohol. 

Stop Sign Ticket

Stop signs are there to prevent dangerous collisions at intersections. If a person is seen rolling through a stop sign or not showing an attempt at making a stop at all, they may face an expensive fine and points on their license. 

Move Over Law

When an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road, it’s the law that vehicles passing by must slow down and move out of the lane closest to them. If you do not adhere to this law, you may be cited with a traffic violation. 

What Is the Driver’s License Point System in Maryland? 

After you have been convicted of a traffic-related violation in the state of Maryland, you may receive points on your license. Getting points on your license should be avoided as it can lead to a person having their driver’s license revoked if too many points are accumulated. A person may receive a specified number of points for different traffic violations such as speeding or a DUI. The point system is broken down as follows:

  • You have 3 to 4 points: You will receive a warning letter from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association. 
  • You have 5 to 7 points: You will be required to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program.
  • You have 8 to 11 points: The MVA will send you a notice of suspension.
  • You have 12 or more points: You will be sent a notice for revocation of your driver’s license.

Once you have received points on your license, they will not go away for two years. If you are concerned that you may be at risk of having your license suspended or revoked, contact Attorney Hillel Traub, who may be able to help you avoid these penalties. 

Why Should You Hire a Trusted Traffic Lawyer?

The Maryland traffic court system can be overwhelming and stressful. When it comes to fighting a traffic-related charge, it is crucial that you do not go through the process on your own. When you hire a trusted traffic lawyer, you will receive the following benefits when working with them:

  • Prompt communication regarding all matters of your case
  • Extensive knowledge of the Maryland legal system
  • Trusted service 
  • Dedicated representation
  • Help reducing or eliminating fines or penalties relating to your traffic ticket or violation

Attorney Hillel Traub has the knowledge and skills to help clients as they try to avoid a costly fine, points on their license, or even jail time. 

Get Help from a Baltimore County Traffic Lawyer

Being charged with a traffic offense can have serious repercussions on a person’s life. If you have been charged with a serious traffic violation, get help from a Baltimore County traffic lawyer as soon as possible. 

At the Law Office of Hillel Traub, Attorney Hillel Traub is proud to help clients of Baltimore County, Maryland, reduce or eliminate their traffic fines or penalties. With over 25 years of experience, Hillel Traub provides clients with the award-winning representation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or call (410) 580-1100.

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