Traffic Violations and Fines Specific to Maryland

After receiving a traffic ticket, most drivers pay it immediately, even if they’re innocent. A lengthy and expensive trial typically dissuades people from fighting their fines. However, this is not a good idea; it is an admission of guilt and can cost you hundreds of dollars and points to your license, which may impact your ability to drive in the future. While it will be hard to represent yourself, a Maryland traffic offense attorney can help challenge your citation and improve the outcome.

Payable Traffic Violations in Maryland

Maryland has countless types of payable traffic violations, but the most common is speeding. One misconception is that you’re only speeding when you go more than 10 miles over the limit but going even one mile over is still speeding. The most severe penalties may include fines in the hundreds of dollars and up to five points on your driver’s license.

  • Reckless driving: The maximum fine for reckless driving is $1,000 and six points on your driving record.
  • Failure to obey a traffic device: A “traffic device” is a vague term, as it can be a traffic sign or light. Penalties include fines and up to one point on your license. However, if a collision occurs, you may receive up to three points.
  • Failure to control speed: Drivers must control their speed to avoid crashing into another vehicle or hitting pedestrians or other road users. Those who fail to maintain a safe speed may receive a fine of up to $130 fine and up to three license points.
  • Failure to yield: You can fail to yield to both drivers and pedestrians. Ticket violations can result in a fine of up to $500 or one point on your license.

Why You Should Fight Citations for Traffic Violations

There are two main reasons why you should fight your traffic violation. Tickets are expensive, and you face the possibility of points on your driving record.

Most tickets don’t exceed $1,000, but that’s still a lot of money that can be better spent elsewhere. You can use it for rent or necessities, pay down your credit card debt, or spend it on new work clothes. The point is, you shouldn’t have to pay the fine if you’re innocent.

The more points you accumulate on your license, the higher your chances are of temporarily or permanently losing your license. Additionally, points are a red flag to all insurance carriers, which means your rates could increase.

A Judge May Dismiss or Reduce the Charge

Once you pay the ticket, there’s no going back. A court official will enter a guilty verdict into their system, and you may be subject to additional penalties through the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Depending on the circumstances surrounding the ticket, a judge may reduce your fine or drop the ticket altogether. So, it’s always a good idea to take the case to trial.

Seek Legal Representation from a Skilled Traffic Violation Attorney

Attorney Hillel Traub has helped countless clients fight traffic tickets and will bring over 20 years of experience to your case. As the founding lawyer for the Law Office of Hillel Traub, a boutique firm, Hillel is dedicated to providing top-tier representation for each and every case.

You can be confident that he will do everything in his power to obtain a favorable outcome. Don’t be caught with the consequences of a traffic violation on your record. To schedule a free consultation, call (410) 580-1100 or complete our contact form.