How Long Can My License Be Suspended after a DUI in Maryland?

You may lose your Maryland driver’s license after a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), but many people wonder how long their license will be suspended. It depends on several factors, such as how much alcohol was in your system, previous convictions, and whether you refused to take a breathalyzer test. There are steps you can take to potentially reduce your license suspension, but you will need the assistance of a Maryland DUI lawyer.

Remember that the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level for Maryland drivers is .08 percent. For underage drivers and drivers with an alcohol restriction on their license, it’s .02 percent. The BAC level for commercial drivers is .04 percent.

License Suspensions after a DUI Conviction

The higher your BAC, the more time your license may be suspended. For example, if your BAC is at least .08% but less than .15%, the MVA may suspend your license for up to 180 days. Those with BAC levels over .15 percent may receive up to a 180-day license suspension for first-time offenders and up to 270 days for second-time offenders. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test, you may lose your license for up to 270 days for a first offense and up to two years for subsequent offenses.

Drivers may also be allowed to keep their licenses under the Ignition Interlock Program. As part of the program, drivers have a breathalyzer attached to their car’s ignition. Every time they start the vehicle, they must submit a breath sample. If the sample’s BAC level is above .02 percent, the vehicle will not start, and the violation will be recorded. Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) may also request breath samples throughout the duration of the journey to ensure that the driver remains sober.

Suspensions for Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercially licensed drivers who refuse to submit a test or have a BAC of more than .04% may lose their CDL for up to one year. A CDL suspension may last for up to three years if you’re transporting hazardous materials.

Can You Challenge a License Suspension in Maryland?

You can challenge your license suspension through a process known as a modification. This means you can request a future court date after paying a fee 10 days following the initial arrest. You will then receive a court hearing within the next 30 days where your Maryland DUI lawyer can argue for a different sentence. If you file for a modification 11–30 days after the arrest, a hearing will be set within the next 45 days. After 30 days, the court will deny the request.

Seek Legal Representation from an Experienced DUI Lawyer

After a drunk driving conviction, you may lose your license for a significant amount of time, making you reliant on family members or public transportation to go to work or run errands. You may also be facing jail time and large fines in addition to a license suspension. After a DUI arrest, take steps toward protecting your future by partnering with Attorney Hillel Traub.

Hillel has proudly served Maryland residents for over 20 years and will take every possible step to fight for you in court. By working with The Law Office of Hillel Traub, it may be possible to reduce your license suspension and avoid the worst penalties of a DUI conviction. Call (410) 580-1100 or complete a contact form to schedule a free consultation.