Maryland Traffic Law Changes to Anticipate in 2020

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On October 1, 2019, hundreds of new state laws went into effect touching on various matters pertaining to healthcare, employment, alcohol and tobacco sales, and even firearms. Some key laws affecting transportation also took hold. As you’re anticipating the new year, here’s what you need to know about traffic law changes in Maryland.

Updates to DUI and Drugged Driving Penalties

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is already a serious matter, but the penalties for select offenses are becoming more severe. Under HB0707, the penalties for DUI for those who have prior convictions could increase. Anyone with a prior conviction or who has been convicted of DUI while transporting a minor may face a longer sentence and higher fines.

No Incarceration for Possessing a Revoked, Suspended, or Canceled Maryland Driver’s License

Anyone who is convicted of possessing a revoked, suspended, or canceled Maryland driver’s license will no longer face incarceration and will be assessed fewer points. Currently, a person can face a two-month sentence and 12 license points for possessing an invalid license. The new law will reduce the number of points to 3 and remove the possibility of incarceration altogether. According to the state, the current number of people in jail over possessing a revoked, suspended, or canceled license is “negligible.”

Ignition Interlock Devices Will Incorporate Cameras

Under the new state law, all new ignition interlock devices will include cameras to capture images of potential violations during the process of submitting a breath sample before starting a vehicle. Current Ignition interlock device users do not need to update their equipment; however, if their IIDs fail and they need to replace them, the new system must incorporate a camera.

HB 748 Gives Electric Scooters Same Protections as Bicycles

Electric scooters, such as the ones taking over major metropolitan areas as rentals, now have the same legal status as bicycles. Under the new law, electric scooter users have the same rights and responsibilities as cyclists, and must adhere to the same rules of the road.

Caught Violating a New Traffic Law in Baltimore or Other Location?

Attorney Hillel Traub of The Law Office of Hillel Traub makes fighting traffic charges his top priority, and has done so for more than 20 years. Hillel Traub stands up for drivers throughout Maryland, with a particular focus on the City of Baltimore and surrounding areas. Before becoming a traffic lawyer, Hillel Traub worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA. If you’re facing a citation for violating a traffic law and you could have points assessed, don’t pay the fine. Challenge the state’s case against you with the help of a competent attorney.

Paying a fine is an admission of guilt, and adding points to your license may one day result in a license suspension. By seeking legal representation, you can avoid a charge on your driving record and license points, which will protect your driving privileges. Find out how to begin your traffic ticket defense by calling (410) 580-1100 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.