Maryland Police Back to Enforcing Speeding Laws in Full Force

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With much of the state still on lockdown, there are fewer cars on the roads. Fewer cars on the roads means speeding is rampant among those who are driving to conduct essential business. Police officers in Maryland have flagged people traveling 100 miles per hour or more throughout the state, a significant speeding violation in a state with unique laws on speeding.

According to the Maryland MVA, vehicle traffic in the state has decreased by approximately 45% due to Gov. Larry Hogan’s Stay-At-Home order limiting non-essential travel. What police officers throughout the state have observed is people taking advantage of empty roads to get their adrenaline rush.

Police Officers are Cracking Down on Speeding

Sgt. Mike Lane of the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office has flagged people driving 85-100 or more miles per hour while on traffic duty. One woman caught speeding was traveling 110 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, in what appeared to be a race against another car. She had her 3-year-old daughter in the backseat of her car.

“The speeds some of you have been doing carry a huge fine. In some cases, the citation comes with a $160 fine and two points (on your driver’s license),” the Sgt. wrote in a Facebook post to warn drivers in the community. “And if you can’t afford the fine or lose your license because of too many points, it’ll be your fault, nobody else’s.” According to Sgt. Lane, the violation the woman allegedly committed would lead to a fine of $530 and 5 points on her license per Maryland’s driver’s license point system.

Drivers are Taking Advantage of Reduced Traffic Enforcement

Speeding is a serious offense in Maryland and could lead to the loss of a driver’s license. Most of the speeding that officers have witnessed occurred on Route 40 and 543. During the coronavirus pandemic, law enforcement officials have shifted their priorities and resources to conduct more essential duties during the lockdown. As this was taking place, the lack of traffic enforcement emboldened people to speed. Police officers reduced the number of traffic stops being conducted to limit their risk of contracting COVID-19.

Today, police officers throughout Maryland have PPE or personal protective equipment, such as masks and medical gloves, and new methods of interacting with drivers so they can return to enforcing traffic laws like speeding without risking their health. With their new equipment and training, drivers can expect police officers in and near Baltimore to start handing out speeding tickets again.

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Speeding Ticket Lawyer Dedicated to Preserving Driver’s Licenses in Baltimore

As Maryland reopens, it’s back to business as usual for traffic enforcement. If you’ve been cited for speeding or another serious traffic violation in or near the City of Baltimore, discuss your case with attorney Hillel Traub. Hillel has vast experience working with people who are accused of traffic violations and has previously worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA. With his unique insight into the agency’s operations, he can make a strong case for you that may help you avoid the worst penalties of a traffic conviction.

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