Can a Speeding Ticket Hurt My Job Prospects?

Searching for a job can often come with feelings of stress and anxiety. While a speeding ticket may not completely deter a company from hiring you, it may impact whether you qualify for certain positions. Suppose you are applying for a truck driver position. The company may express concerns about your past driving record and how that may affect your ability to perform your daily duties.

Even if a company offers you the ability to explain the ticket, they may still hire another candidate without a driving record. To help navigate what a speeding ticket could mean for you, contact The Law Office of Hillel Traub today. Our lawyer can assist you with any questions you may have.

How a Speeding Ticket Could Hurt Your Job Prospects

Law enforcement officers aren’t the only authority to issue speeding tickets. With Maryland implementing speed cameras, speeding tickets are becoming more and more common throughout the state. Consider the following factors that a speeding ticket may impact while you are job hunting:

Commercial Driver License Holder

For commercial driver’s license holders, a speeding ticket may fall under a serious or major traffic violation. While one serious violation may not stop you from driving a commercial vehicle, two violations in a 3-year period may cause a 60-day disqualification. If the traffic violation is major, it may result in a 1-year disqualification. When a second violation occurs, the individual may suffer permanent disqualification.

Employers With Point Limits

Some employers have point limits when a position requires driving. If an individual has a certain amount of points on their driving record, they may lose their license or be disqualified from operating a vehicle for the company.

Employer Insurance Coverage

When an individual receives an expensive traffic violation, their insurance coverage increases, and an employer may choose not to work with them due to significant charges. Companies who pay insurance premiums may face increased payments for individuals with traffic violations on their records and may want to avoid these situations.

Background Checks

Many employers will perform a background check on potential prospects. If a potential employer sees a speeding ticket on your record, they may judge your reliability and whether you are able to properly perform the necessary tasks for the position.

The first step in determining the severity of your traffic violation is to access your citation information. By using Maryland Courts’ Case Search, you can learn more details about the citation and its status.

Satisfying Your Maryland Traffic Citation

There are two types of Maryland traffic citations, including “payable” and “must appear” citations. For must appear violations, you will receive an automatic trial date notice. If you receive a payable traffic citation, you have 30 days to complete one of the following options:

  • Pay the full fine and plead guilty
  • Request to enter into a payment plan
  • Ask for a waived hearing to plead guilty with an explanation
  • Ask for a trial to plead not  guilty

If you choose to plead guilty and pay the fine on your citation, the violation will show up on your driving record and harm your potential job prospects. Before you make your decision, discuss your options with a highly-qualified attorney.

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