Baltimore Brings Back Speed Cameras

baltimore speed camera ticket

Getting a traffic ticket in the mail without ever having been stopped by a police officer is an unpleasant way of finding out you committed a traffic violation. Unfortunately, Baltimore’s residents were subjected to an unfair traffic camera system a few years ago. That system was discontinued in 2013 due to erroneous tickets being issued. This year, a new network of speed and red light cameras launched in February and continues to expand.

What’s so great about this new camera system?

Baltimore’s old camera network contained 83 speed cameras and 81 red light cameras that generated millions of dollars for the city each year; however, these cameras frequently issued bad tickets. In one case, a stalled car was flagged for speeding. A year later, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law imposing new restrictions on jurisdictions that operate speed cameras, including the implementation of a ban on paying contractors for each ticket issued.

The problems with the old system were ultimately pinned on contractors. The new camera network is more tightly regulated. When a driver is flagged, a dedicated team with the Maryland Department of Transportation reviews each violation before issuing citations by mail. The city expects the new technology and the support of the DOT will lead to a more accurate camera network.

Where are the new speed cameras?

Portable speed cameras have been placed near several schools; the locations were selected based on accident data, a history of violations, and community requests. The cameras are active between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday-Friday, throughout the year.

Will I get a ticket if I speed near a speed camera?

Drivers who travel at 12 or more miles per hour over the speed limit will be flagged. Any speed violation that occurs within a camera’s first 30 days of operation will result in a warning. Afterward, each violation will result in a $40 fine.

Unlike other citations, tickets from speed cameras will not result in points against your license and your insurance company will not be notified. Payments may be made by mail or online. Failing to respond to the traffic ticket, however, may result in additional penalties.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket

No matter how much effort goes into creating infallible traffic cameras, there’s always the possibility that a camera and/or a member of the Maryland DOT wrongfully cited you for speeding. These camera networks are just as much a safety measure as they are a money making scheme for the city of Baltimore. Fight back against your ticket with the help of a traffic lawyer who fights charges in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Attorney Hillel Traub of The Law Office of Hillel Traub has extensive experience fighting excessive speeding charges and helping drivers maintain clean driving records. As a former Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA, he understands the inner workings of the organizations that want to penalize you for speeding. Find out how he can help you by calling (410) 580-1100 or completing our contact form.