• maryland implied consent law

    What Does Maryland’s Implied Consent Law Mean for DUI?

    Being pulled over for DUI in Maryland is a nerve-wracking experience that can present a number of questions. If you’re stopped for DUI, do you have the option to avoid a chemical test to determine your BAC, or blood alcohol content? What are your rights during a DUI investigation? Why did the law enforcement officer […]

  • supreme court decision on driving license

    New Supreme Court Ruling Makes Pulling You Over Easier for Police

    It has long been too easy for police officers to stop drivers on the highway, even without sufficient reason to believe a violation occurred. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling has made these traffic stops now even more accessible for law enforcement. On April 6, an 8 to 1 Senate majority ruled that a police […]

  • penalties for repeat traffic offenders

    What Are the Penalties for Repeat Traffic Offenses in Maryland

    After a car or truck accident in Maryland, an investigation will occur shortly after discovering whether a traffic offense occurred. If law enforcement finds that the driver who caused the accident also violated Maryland’s traffic laws, he or she may face both criminal and civil penalties. Those penalties may include monetary fines and a driver’s […]

  • maryland search and seizure laws

    Maryland Court Rules Marijuana Smell Is Not Enough to Conduct Search

    Maryland is one of 26 states in the U.S. that have decriminalized marijuana. Because of that, residents have a certain amount of protection once unheard of when law enforcement suspects that a person is smoking it. That includes protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, even if the police find you in your car reeking of […]