Will Self-Driving Cars Still Have to Be Insured under the Owner’s Auto-Insurance?

Technological advancement is at the forefront of the automotive industry. With backup cameras, lane departure warning systems, and intelligent cruise control, cars now come equipped with many automated safety features. Once a futuristic concept, self-driving cars are becoming more common on America’s roads. While no cars today are 100% autonomous, there are still questions regarding whether or not self-driving cars will have to be insured and who is liable in an accident with a self-driving vehicle.

Will You Have to Insure Your Self-Driving Car?

The laws surrounding self-driving cars are nebulous and still evolving. However, in the United States, you are required by law to prove you have insured your vehicle before registering it. There are no legal exceptions at this point for autonomous vehicles.

The advent of self-driving cars could mean fewer car accidents in the future. However, even the most advanced technologies are imperfect and could still cause accidents. Therefore, it is in the driver’s best interests to insure their self-driving vehicle.

Who Is at Fault in a Self-Driving Motor Vehicle Accident?

While self-driving cars are a potential solution to human error and negligence, these advanced technologies are not error-free. Unfortunately, the self-driving cars currently on the road have caused some crashes. If you have been injured in an accident with a self-driving car, a few different parties may be responsible. Some of these parties include:

  • The Owner’s Insurance Provider: If the self-driving car is insured, the insurance company may be liable for any damages following an accident.
  • The Driver: If the driver of the vehicle failed to stop it in the event of an emergency, they might be liable for the accident.
  • The Car’s Manufacturer: If the car has a manufacturer defect or was involved in an accident during product testing, the manufacturer may be liable.

Proving liability can be complex in any car accident, including those involving self-driving cars. It is vital to contact an experienced lawyer to help you with your claim and ensure you are on track to receive the compensation you deserve.

Damages You May Be Able to Recover after a Self-Driving Car Accident

If you have an injury as a result of a self-driving car accident, you may be able to collect financial compensation. Some of the damages you may be eligible for include:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Damage to property
  • Pain and suffering

If you are not sure which damages you may be entitled to, an experienced lawyer may be able to help.

Contact a Skilled Maryland Self-Driving Car Lawyer

Proving liability in a self-driving car accident has the potential to be challenging. However, it is not impossible with the help of an experienced self-driving car attorney.

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