Why a Lawyer Is Important During a MVA Suspension Hearing in Maryland

If you are facing a serious traffic violation in Maryland that may leave your driving privileges at risk, you may be required to attend a hearing from the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to appeal a license suspension or any penalties. During an MVA hearing, you’ll face an administrative law judge who will present the MVA’s case, note any documents the officer sent, and determine whether your Maryland license should be suspended or revoked.

Having an experienced lawyer from The Law Office of Hillel Traub by your side is critical to protecting your legal rights and achieving the best possible outcome. Not only will you need to provide evidence that demonstrates why suspending your license and driving privileges will significantly affect your life, but you’ll need to answer questions about the event that caused the order of suspension. As a former lawyer for the MVA with over 30 years of experience, attorney Hillel Traub can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

How to Prepare for an MVA Safety Hearing in Maryland

An MVA hearing is your only opportunity to reduce the harsh penalties you may face after receiving a traffic or driving violation. Some ways that you can prepare yourself for an MVA hearing include:

  • Gathering evidence: To defend against the suspension of your license, you’ll need to present evidence on why you need your driving privileges, such as a letter of employment, a school transcript, or proof of a lack of viable public transportation.
  • Discuss your legal options with a lawyer: As you are facing a judge in an administrative setting, it is natural to feel anxious. Working with a traffic violations lawyer will prepare you for questions you may be asked and other unexpected procedural processes you may be unfamiliar with. A skilled attorney will make sure you have all the required documentation and evidence for the hearing.

In any situation that involves legal consequences, coming prepared can drastically change the outcome and reduce the likelihood of harsh penalties. A skilled attorney can help you navigate your MVA safety hearing.

5 Reasons Why a Lawyer is Important During an MVA Safety Hearing

You should not have to face a legal battle alone, especially when your driving privileges may be on the line. An experienced traffic violations lawyer can help review documents, answer all your questions, and will offer many other benefits during an MVA safety hearing, including:

  • Mitigation: A lawyer can mitigate a difficult legal situation for clients. We understand what documents and evidence are needed for your case and help gather all the necessary information. Administrative law judges are looking for specific information that your lawyer will help you provide and navigate.
  • Aid with legal issues: During the MVA hearing, you may be asked complicated questions that you may not know how to answer. A lawyer can prepare you for those unexpected questions and coach you through answering them. There are also legal defenses and strategies you may not be familiar with that are essential in the case.
  • Credibility: Discussing your strategy with a legal professional will show the administrative law judge that you take your situation very seriously and are willing to fight for your driving privileges.
  • Save you time and money: A lawyer will consider your unique situation and offer clear rates for their services, which are well worth it to save your right to drive.
  • Fight to protect your rights: In some cases, there may be circumstances that hint at unfair documentation or process. Your lawyer can argue against a partial hearing and protect you from unfair treatment.

When you’re facing an MVA safety hearing that can drastically limit your freedom, working with a skilled lawyer at The Law Office of Hillel Traub can help you prepare and can reduce the chances of harsh penalties.

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If you are facing an MVA safety hearing for a serious traffic violation in Maryland, it is imperative to have an experienced lawyer on your side. At The Law Office of Hillel Traub, we can help you understand the legal procedures involved, build a strong defense, and protect your driving privileges.

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