What to Expect When You Attend an MVA Hearing for a Suspended License in Maryland

What to Expect When You Attend an MVA Hearing for a Suspended License in Maryland

After someone refuses or fails a breath test, or is charged with a DUI, they will often have to attend a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). During the hearing, the MVA will determine if your driving privileges should and will be suspended due to the DUI charges or conviction. For those in need of keeping their license, they’ll need to actively prepare for an MVA hearing to appeal the suspension of their license.

While fines and possible incarceration are handled farther out, there is a time limit on an MVA hearing’s decision. If you want to keep your license until the MVA makes a ruling, you have ten days to request an appeal. However, if you miss the deadline and want to request an appeal, you’ll have to do so in 30 days. These time limits are strictly enforced but coming to a hearing unprepared will likely result in an unfavorable outcome.

What to Prepare for an MVA Hearing in Maryland

An MVA hearing is the only opportunity to reduce the harsh penalties a person can face after a breath test failure or refusal, and DUI charge. With the assistance of a DUI and MVA hearing attorney, you’ll have someone by your side who has the experience and extensive knowledge of the proper procedures and documents you’ll need for the case.

Some ways that you can prepare yourself for an MVA hearing include:

Understanding the Process

An MVA hearing is a very straightforward and streamlined process. The proceeding is held in front of an Administrative Law Judge in a hearing room the size of a standard office. Those present will be the accused driver, their attorney, and the administrative law judge. During the process, the judge will present the MVA’s case, go over any documents sent by the officer, and then ask you to present your case.

By yourself, the MVA hearing process may feel tense and unnerving, but an attorney can make sure you’re prepared for the case.

Gathering Evidence and Documentation

In order to defend against the suspension of your license, you’ll need to present evidence on why you need your driving privileges and how a suspended license will affect your life and maybe others as well.

The following are some pieces that can significantly impact the outcome of your case:

  • A Letter of Employment: Some jobs require you to drive, and Judges aren’t looking for people to lose their jobs. If you have a compelling argument that showcases your proof of employment and how a suspended license can impact your job abilities, you’ll have a solid argument.
  • School Transcript: Like a letter of employment, a school transcript can show that you’re in school and need a license to attend classes. If you are unable to finish your degree or can’t attend the required meetings, you may not be able to progress in your studies. Another great aspect of this is having high grades or accomplishments that showcase your activeness and participation in college events.
  • Lack of Viable Public Transportation: When you present the two pieces of information above, you’ll also need to provide why public transportation is not a viable option for transportation. In some cases, bus stops, or other forms of public transportation are not an option, which will further your case of why you need your license.
Gathering evidence is an essential part of the hearing process and has a significant impact on your case. While you may think something isn’t a great example of evidence, an attorney can clearly distinguish between what is essential to note and what isn’t.

Discussing Your Options with a Lawyer

Because you are facing a judge in an up-close setting, it is natural to feel anxious. Working with an attorney will prepare you for questions you may be asked and other unexpected situations you aren’t familiar with. A dependable attorney will make sure you have all the required documentation and evidence for the hearing.

In any situation that involves legal consequences, coming prepared can change the outcome and reduce the likelihood of harsh penalties. Everyone makes mistakes, and while taking responsibility for our actions is important, some punishments can change our lives forever.

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A suspended license can cause you to lose more than just your driving privileges. Whether your job requires you to drive or you’re responsible for picking up your children, there are many situations where you’ll need a license. At the Law Office of Hillel Traub, we are dedicated to offering clients accessible communication and honest legal advice. With years of experience advocating for clients’ rights, we’ve gathered an extensive amount of knowledge and resources that can help you in your MVA hearing.

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