DUI Statistics and Halloween: What Celebrants Need to Know

DUI Statistics and Halloween: What Celebrants Need to Know

Halloween is a holiday for everyone to enjoy. With delicious treats and creative costumes, many people invite friends over or spend their night out on the town. Whether you’ve decided to trick or treat with your family, or dance the night away at a party, you may encounter a bit of alcohol. There is nothing wrong with having a few drinks with friends, but staying safe is essential when you plan on drinking.

There are some moments where you may feel confident and sober enough to drive home, only to find out later that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is higher than you anticipated. If you have a BAC of .08% or more, you can be charged with a DUI. The penalties for a DUI vary depending on your BAC level and if you were in an accident. Still, most punishments will almost always include fines, license suspension, and possible incarceration. If you are charged with a DUI, contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately.

3 Frightening Facts About Drunk Driving on Halloween

Holidays are known to have an influx of drunk driving arrests due to many people celebrating and consuming alcohol. Halloween is a perfect example of themed drinks that no one can resist. However, drinking responsibly and finding safe transportation home are essential.

Here are three scary facts that show how dangerous Halloween can be for both drivers and those on the street:

It Can Happen to Anyone

Most individuals will consider themselves responsible drinkers and believe that they will never receive intoxicated driving charges. Unfortunately, a person’s BAC may reach .08% or higher without them being aware. People are at an increased risk of exceeding their limitations and making mistakes during celebrations.

High Amounts of Night Traffic Fatalities

DUI’s are common during Halloween and cause 43% of nighttime traffic fatalities on the 31st. This means that almost half of all those killed in accidents on Halloween are from intoxicated drivers. Many people find this statistic alarming, but the truth is that DUI’s are a prevalent issue for everyone on the road.

Pedestrians Are at Risk

While drivers need to be aware of the risks for drinking and driving, pedestrians are also at risk of being injured or killed in DUI accidents. A study conducted in 2012 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 28% of Halloween crash fatalities were pedestrians, compared to 14% on an average day.

These facts are alarming for those planning on spending the evening out of their homes. From families walking children around their neighborhood to adults enjoying the company of friends, many would not think that their Halloween could include a frightening accident.

How To Stay Safe and Avoid Drinking and Driving on Halloween

Halloween is a time filled with fun and excitement but keeping you and your loved ones safe is the number one priority. If you’re planning on drinking or are curious about how to stay safe during this spooky day, consider the following:

  • Avoid driving late
  • Take an Uber or Lyft
  • Carpool with friends
  • Give someone your keys
  • Plan a night in
There are many ways to avoid the temptation of driving while intoxicated or enjoying a night inside. However, there are times when you may ignore the signs and drive while under the influence. If you’re charged with a DUI on Halloween, it is best to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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