What Is Maryland’s New “Move Over” Law?

As a driver in the state of Maryland, it is important that you stay informed about any new laws concerning traffic regulations. Understanding the various laws in place for Maryland drivers to avoid being pulled over by law enforcement and receiving a traffic violation can help with maintaining overall safety as well. To avoid getting pulled over, it is crucial that you fully understand Maryland’s new “Move Over” law and what will happen if you violate it.

The Law Office of Hillel Traub is a Maryland traffic offense law firm dedicated to ensuring that clients stay informed and educated on all laws and rules affecting motorists in the state. If you are pulled over for violating the new “Move Over” law, call attorney Hillel Traub as soon as possible to begin working on your next step to potentially reduce your penalty.

Understanding the Changes to Maryland’s “Move Over” Law

As a driver in the state of Maryland, you should already know that the “Move Over” law is technically not a new concept. In fact, this law has been in place for a long time and requires that motorists move over into a different lane whenever they approach emergency, law enforcement, tow truck, utility, and transportation vehicles that have their lights flashing. This law also requires that if moving over safely is not possible, drivers must at least slow down.

With recent changes made to the new version of the “Move Over” law, motorists must now move into another lane or slow down for any vehicle that is stopped, standing, or parked while displaying warning signals. This law has been put into place to protect emergency personnel, law enforcement, or any other motorist who is stopped on the side of the road from being injured by a car hitting their stopped vehicle.

Drivers who do not obey this law may face serious penalties, like costly fines or license suspension. A traffic offense lawyer may be able to help you understand the full extent of penalties you may be facing if you are issued a citation for failing to obey the “Move Over” law.

What Penalties Can You Face For Failing to Obey the New “Move Over” Law?

Many Maryland drivers may be unaware of the new changes to this law that have gone into effect. As a result, a driver may fail to move over or slow down for a stopped vehicle on the side of the road and receive a traffic citation as a result. Some of the penalties you may be subject to if you are pulled over for violating this law include:

  • A $110 fine and one point on your driving record
  • A $150 fine and three points on your record if you caused a collision involving an emergency or service vehicle
  • A $750 fine and three points on your record if you caused a collision that resulted in serious injury or death

If you have been charged with a failure to move over to another lane in Maryland, it is crucial that you fully understand the charges and your rights. Consulting with an experienced traffic offense attorney can help you obtain the knowledge you need to build your defense.

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