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pulled over in townson mdTowson is a thriving city that attracts college students and entrepreneurs alike. As the county seat of Baltimore County, it’s also home to various courthouses and government offices. The city is teeming with police officers working to ensure a safe town. Towson police officers keep a sharp eye out for traffic violations and do not hesitate to issue citations. If you received a traffic ticket for a motor vehicle offense, it’s crucial to work with a Towson traffic attorney to reduce the impact the citation may have on your driving record. Attorney Hillel Traub of The Law Office of Hillel Traub has ample experience defending Towson drivers against traffic charges in Baltimore County courts.

Understanding Maryland’s Driver’s License Point System

Maryland is one of several states which uses a driver’s license point system to punish drivers for traffic convictions. The state issues points against the licenses of drivers perceived to threaten the safety of other motorists. Those who accumulate too many points in a two-year period risk a license suspension or revocation. 

In Maryland, each driving offense carries a certain amount of points. The number of points a particular offense carries depends on the severity of that violation. Generally, there are two types of traffic violations in Maryland: serious or “must-appear offenses” and minor or “payable” offenses. Both types carry points that could jeopardize your driver’s license if you are convicted; however, serious traffic offenses, which are also criminal offenses, carry more points than minor offenses. 

One sure way to accumulate points is to simply pay the fine on any traffic ticket you receive. Paying the fine is one way to resolve a traffic ticket, but it’s also an admission of guilt which may ultimately lead to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration suspending your license. The most effective way to beat a traffic ticket is to work with a skilled traffic attorney who serves Towson and surrounding areas.

Serious Traffic Violations

Serious or must-appear offenses are the most severe traffic violations in the Maryland Transportation Code. A citation for one of these violations requires the defendant to appear in court and cannot be resolved with a fine, although one of the associated penalties for a conviction may be a fine. These offenses include driving behavior that endangers the lives of all people who rely on the state’s roads to get around. Penalties are strict and may include incarceration. Some examples of serious traffic offenses are:

These offenses are not just traffic offenses, they’re also criminal offenses. A charge for any of these may impact more than your legal driving ability. As is the case with any other type of criminal charge, it’s crucial to meet with an attorney as soon as possible upon being informed of the charge.

Payable Traffic Violations in Towson

A Towson traffic cop might issue a citation for several violations that are less severe in nature than must-appear offenses. In general, drivers facing charges for payable violations may resolve them by paying their traffic tickets, eliminating the need to appear in court. Still, points for these offenses add up and work against your driver’s license. 

Most people are familiar with payable traffic violations, as they are the most common offenses on the road. They include actions like:

  • Speeding at 1 and up to 10 miles over the posted limit
  • Failing to wear a seatbelt
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Failing to signal a turn
  • Improper turn

If you receive a citation for any payable offense in Maryland, it’s important to note that you have just thirty (30) days to respond to it before the penalties become more serious. Reach out to a qualified traffic lawyer before sending a check or paying the fine online. Remember, a lawyer will fight to keep the points off your record so you can continue to enjoy the valuable privilege of driving.

Fight Your Traffic Charge with a Towson Traffic Attorney

Attorney Hillel Traub represents drivers throughout Towson and nearby locations who face all kinds of traffic charges. Whether you received a speeding ticket or face a DUI charge, do not give in to the state’s demands without first seeking legal counsel.

Hillel Traub has dutifully served the State of Maryland as a former Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA. He has made defending the state’s drivers against unfair traffic charges his career for the past twenty years. Find out how he can help you protect your license with a free consultation. Call (410) 589-2794 or complete our online contact form.

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