pulled over in randallstownEvery year, thousands of auto accidents end in fatalities for drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the United States. When it comes to injury related deaths, they’re the second-leading cause no matter what age group is involved. Even with Maryland’s recent downward trend in traffic accidents, countless numbers of people still get injured every year, which results in life-altering disability and pain.

Maryland recognizes the importance of having dedicated traffic cops present on city roads and surrounding highways. Their patrolling helps to reduce the number of serious and deadly crashes that devastates residents’ lives annually. Despite this best effort, some law enforcement has appeared more concerned with handing out citations and meeting monthly quotas instead of keeping drivers safe on the street. All too often, Randallstown drivers receive citations that have little to do with driving behavior or hand out overly harsh sentences for traffic offenses. It’s critical to hire an aggressive Randallstown traffic lawyer right away if you received a violation during a traffic stop. 

Common Traffic Tickets in Randallstown

In the state of Maryland, just one traffic citation jeopardizes your driving privileges with the threat of suspension. When you get several points on your license within a two-year period, you will no longer have the right to drive because the Maryland MVA will have you suspended. This makes it necessary to fight any tickets that you receive to maintain a clean driving record and to keep the points against it at a minimum. 

Randallstown traffic cops often ticket people for some of the offenses below:

  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Speeding
  • Failure to signal when turning
  • Running red lights
  • DUI
  • Rolling stops at a stop sign
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Not having car insurance
  • Excessive speeding

Facing an infraction or criminal charge for any of the above major or minor traffic violations can lead to serious hardship down the road. Fighting your Randallstown moving violations will help you protect your driving privileges. Fines are a common consequence of breaking minor state and local traffic laws, but for serious offenses you may face jail time, lengthy suspensions, and more. 

Consequences of Minor and Serious Randallstown Traffic Violations

According to the Transportation Code of Maryland, payable traffic offenses are minor in nature and rarely demand a court appearance. These types of violations could include failure to signal, committing a rolling stop, or slightly speeding over the limit. 

The more serious offenses are a cause for concern because they usually have heavy fines and jail time if convicted. These major citations will require a defendant to appear before a judge and having an experienced traffic attorney present is critical. 

Typical traffic violations that demand a court appearance include:

If you received a citation for one of these serious driving offenses, do not wait and contact a Randallstown traffic lawyer immediately. It’s important you understand the scope of your crime and all of the possible consequences you might receive if found or pleading guilty. Protecting your driving privileges can help you avoid jail time or possibly reduce any charges or penalties your infraction might bring. 

Randallstown Traffic Lawyers Who Protect Your Driving Privileges 

Trying to negotiate with the Randallstown traffic court may present more challenges than you realized. Without an attorney present to protect your rights, you may end up with an even harsher sentence than you deserve. Local defense lawyers with a demonstrated history of successfully fighting off major traffic violations is your best defense against serious charges because they know how the court approaches your offense.  

As the former Attorney General for the Maryland MVA, attorneys like Hillel Traub give you a further advantage with his firsthand insight into the court system. His law office goes above and beyond to defend Randallstown area drivers against traffic citations that are unfair and/or serious in nature. Get your free consultation with attorney Hillel Traub to understand the best steps to prevent the loss of your Maryland driver’s license and keep your driving record in good standing. Call (410) 580-1100 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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