calculating accident damage costAcross the U.S., families experience their fair share of motor vehicle accidents that can devastate their finances and destabilize their lives after an injury. Traffic fatalities are the second-leading cause of death across all age groups on national roadways despite increased vehicle and road safety measures. The state of Maryland has seen traffic fatalities decline in auto collisions in recent years, but that doesn’t negate the negative impact on the lives of those involved.

Law enforcement in Owings Mills patrols city roads and highways with the goal of preventing unnecessary fatalities involving auto and pedestrian-involved crashes. The sheer volume of citations that traffic officers hand out has raised concerns about whether this is due to driver safety — or meeting quotas. The excessive nature of sentencing for these infractions has many residents seeking out a seasoned Owings Mills traffic attorney if they’re charged with any moving violation.

Reasons For Receiving a Traffic Ticket in Owings Mills

Maryland law already has situations where a single ticket may lead to a license suspension, so it’s critical to avoid accumulating violations and the points associated with those charges. Drivers who rack up several of these traffic points on their driving record in a two-year period face having their privileges suspended by Maryland MVA. That means you can’t legally drive anywhere in the state, so you could lose your job. This fallout reinforces how critically important it is to maintain and protect a clean driving record.

Owings Mills has a number of common traffic offenses that people receive regularly, including:

  •   Speeding
  •   Running traffic lights
  •   Failure to signal
  •   Driving under suspension
  •   Rolling through stop signs
  •   Drunk driving
  •   Road rage

The type of driving offense you may face depends on the situation surrounding your stop, but it’s important to know how Maryland courts deal with minor or severe violations of the law. Regardless of what your traffic offense was, it’s imperative that you retain an experienced lawyer to represent you before allowing any Owings Mills citation to hit your license and record.

Types of Traffic Violations in Owings Mills

Owings Mills has two main tiers of traffic violations that a driver might face if they violate traffic laws. Minor violations rarely involve court appearances and often involve simply paying a fee. Typical infractions that would fall under this category are:

  •     Rolling stops
  •     Parking violations
  •     Slight speeding
  •     Illegal turns

You may still have points tacked onto your license, though, and there will undoubtedly be a fine to pay.

More serious traffic violations will require the defendant to appear in court and face charges personally. Depending on the severity of the crime, drivers charged with major offenses risk jail time in addition to staggering fines and court costs.

Violations that demand a court appearance include:

  •     Fleeing an accident scene
  •     DUI or DWI
  •     DUI that injures or kills others
  •     Vehicular Manslaughter
  •     Driving while your license is suspended
  •     Eluding police officers

If you’re facing similar charges, don’t attempt to defend yourself. Hire an Owings Mills traffic attorney instead. You’re risking your future, finances, and freedom when talking to police or a judge on your own. It’s critical that you not only fight these charges aggressively but with an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to protect your personal and driving rights.

Reputable Owings Mills Traffic Lawyer

Too often, defendants accept that they deserve whatever the court decides or feel it’s impossible to challenge traffic charges. That can lead to a lifelong consequence on your record and have ongoing negative impacts on your day-to-day life. Traffic violations that incur serious charges deserve an Owings Mills defense lawyer who can negotiate, investigate, and mitigate the charges against you. Don’t sacrifice your freedom, license, or reputation needlessly. Trust an attorney to help you during this challenging time.

Trusting a well-known attorney like Hillel Traub will bring you an advantage in the courtroom because of his extensive knowledge and practice experience in these matters. As a former Assistant Attorney General for Maryland MVA, he has an inside understanding of how the courts approach serious traffic offenses and what methods will work in your favor when in front of a judge.

The Law Office of Hillel Traub works tirelessly defending motorists facing driving offenses in Owings Mills from the harsh citation practices implemented by the city. Don’t risk going to jail or jeopardizing your career with a suspended license. You need to set up a free consultation with attorney Hillel Traub right away to learn more about your options and the best steps to preserve your Maryland driver’s license. Call (410) 580-1100 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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