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traffic attorney in howard countyCar accidents take tens of thousands of lives annually in the United States. In 2017, the Maryland Department of Transportation reported that 557 people lost their lives in car crashes, up 35 deaths from the year before. Traffic police have the duty to protect lives, which is why they must issue citations to drivers who endanger others.

Most people understand the need for traffic cops; however, many of us have been in a situation where we received a harsh citation for a seemingly minor offense. Additionally, the consequences of some traffic offenses can seep into our everyday lives and cause unanticipated hardships. If you received a traffic ticket in Howard County, an attorney who fights traffic charges can work to keep the charges off your driving record.


The State of Maryland separates traffic offenses into two major categories: minor and serious traffic infractions. Minor traffic infractions are the least severe violations in the Transportation Code of Maryland. Admitting guilt to a minor traffic infraction — such as by paying the fine outright — will incur a few points against your driver’s license.

Examples of minor infractions include:

  • Failing to wear a seatbelt
  • Failing to signal a turn
  • Operating a vehicle with a broken head or tail light
  • Speeding at 10 or fewer miles per hour over the posted speed limit

Receiving a minor traffic infraction in Howard County may not immediately affect your legal driving ability in a significant manner; however, enough minor infractions can accumulate enough points to trigger the suspension of your driver’s license.

Serious traffic offenses may lead to severe sentencing upon a conviction. Serious traffic offenses may lead to imprisonment and steep fines. An example of a serious traffic offense includes DUI, driving while license suspended, and vehicular manslaughter, in which a person other than the driver is killed due to negligent driving. Drivers must appear in court for serious traffic infractions.


Having a suspended driver’s license in Maryland can be a significant setback to many aspects of your life. Yet, driving on a suspended license is a serious criminal offense. Repeatedly driving with a suspended license may lead to the accumulation of multiple points against your license, which may trigger a more severe revocation or a criminal misdemeanor charge.

There may be several reasons for a license suspension in Maryland. A qualified Howard County suspended license attorney can look into these and help you fight to keep or reinstate your license.


The Law Office of Hillel Traub has over 20 years of experience defending drivers against serious traffic violations like suspended driving, DUI, and vehicular manslaughter. We also help drivers fight against charges of minor traffic infractions that may incur troublesome fines and tarnish their driving records.

Attorney Hillel Traub served as a former Maryland Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration before running his law firm. Now, he helps clients throughout Howard County resolve traffic infractions and criminal traffic charges. He has won many cases for his clients and has helped many people regain the privilege of driving.

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