How Will a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance in Maryland?

When you get a traffic ticket in Maryland, it is almost inevitable that your car insurance will be affected in some way. Some infractions, such as speeding, can increase your car insurance rates by up to 24%. When checking your driving record after a traffic violation, your insurance company evaluates it as a liability to an accident, which can mean a higher payout for them. They then raise their premiums to balance out their vulnerability to liability.

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Why Does a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance in Maryland?

Car insurance companies raise premiums based on their assessment of the likelihood that you will have an accident or file a claim. Drivers who file claims frequently affect their bottom line. Insurers would rather give coverage to drivers with no history of accidents or traffic tickets as it allows them to make a profit.

Traffic laws are created with motorist safety in mind and to prevent accidents. These laws make it easier for drivers to remain protected while also protecting others on the road. Drivers who fail to abide by traffic laws and regulations put other drivers at risk of a collision. For example, running a red light could cause an accident, especially in high-traffic areas.

Even if you have never suffered a collision, engaging in routine unsafe driving behaviors and disobeying traffic laws shows the insurance company that you may be a high-risk driver and that it’s only a matter of time before an accident is unavoidable.

How Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance

The effect a traffic ticket has on your car insurance in Maryland greatly varies depending on the type of violation, your unique demographics, and your insurance. Some rate increases may not affect your insurance premiums at all. For instance, non-moving violations, such as parking tickets, will not affect your car insurance.

To encourage safe driving, car insurance companies will offer greater discounts to drivers with clean driving records. Alternatively, insurers charge higher rates to drivers who have been in car accidents as a way to reimburse themselves for the cost of claims. However, accidents are not the only way insurance companies evaluate driving records. If you have never been in a vehicle accident, traffic violations and speeding tickets can cause your rates to increase.

Types of Infractions With the Biggest Effect on Car Insurance

Citations are divided into three categories: minor, major, and criminal. The more severe the traffic violation, the more insurance premiums will be affected. The most common types of infractions that cause the biggest effect on car insurance include:

  • Speeding
  • DUIs
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving without insurance

It’s important to note that a single traffic ticket may not have an evident effect on your premiums, especially if it’s a minor infraction. For example, your first speeding ticket may not affect your policy at all, but your first criminal infraction, like a DUI, will have major consequences on your policy premiums.

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