How Can You Contest a Driver’s License Suspension in Maryland?

Contesting a driver’s license suspension in Maryland involves navigating a series of steps, from requesting an administrative hearing to potential appeals. Understanding the specific timelines, filing fees, and the role of legal representation is essential for individuals facing license suspension. Whether the suspension is related to points, violations, or a DUI offense, the following outlined procedures provide a roadmap for those seeking to challenge these decisions and protect their driving privileges.

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How To Contest a Driver’s License Suspension in Maryland

Facing a driver’s license suspension in Maryland can be a challenging and stressful experience. However, the state provides multiple avenues for individuals looking to contest these suspensions, such as:

Requesting an Administrative Hearing

A license suspension can be contested by requesting a hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings. To request an administrative hearing, there is a $150 filing fee. Hearings are typically conducted online and scheduled for four to six weeks after the request date. The driver will then receive a notice in the mail with the hearing date and time. After the hearing, the Office of Administrative Hearings will notify the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) of the results.

Filing an Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the administrative law judge’s decision, you can file an appeal within 30 days of the administrative hearing date. Appeals are filed in the Circuit Court of the county that you reside in. Compliance with any notice or order received is crucial to prevent further loss of driving privileges.

DUI License Suspension

If arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other substances, the license is typically taken away and a temporary license is issued for 45 days. Individuals can request an administrative hearing during this period or opt for participation in the Ignition Interlock Program. However, failure to request a hearing or participate in the program within 30 days results in a license suspension. It is crucial to contact a lawyer immediately after the DUI event,  because there are rights that could be waived if not preserved.

Working With an Attorney

When an administrative hearing is requested, the Office of Administrative Hearings notifies the individual’s attorney of the hearing details. An attorney plays a crucial role in presenting arguments against the MVA’s decision and may request modifications to the suspension. Attorneys can also advocate for obtaining a restricted license during the suspension period.

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