Common Traffic Ticket Errors in Maryland

Receiving a traffic ticket is something no driver wants to deal with. Traffic tickets are one of those things that suddenly disrupts your day, and in some cases, end up becoming a much larger problem than you initially thought. Tickets aren’t just a sheet of paper you can ignore—they cost money, have the potential to raise insurance premiums, and can remain part of your permanent driving record. Unfortunately, the amount of time spent dealing with these matters is prolonged when there are errors.

Many drivers in Maryland are under the impression that an error made by a police officer will result in their ticket being thrown out. They also assume that because they were issued a traffic ticket, they’re automatically guilty. Neither of these situations is inherently true. Still, it’s important to be aware of common errors and mistakes made by both officers and drivers to avoid complications down the road.

Traffic Ticket Errors Cops Make in Maryland

The impact of police errors depends on the severity of the error, the details of the offense, and how the judge declares the officer’s lapse in judgment. If the error is minor or subjective, such as noting the driver’s car color incorrectly, the judge will likely disregard complaints about the ticket’s legitimacy, and you will still need to address the citation.

On the other hand, a major error, such as recording the wrong location or writing down the wrong vehicle identification number, may be sufficient to produce doubts about the ticket.  Other errors that could result in a dismissal include:

  • Citing the wrong vehicle code violation number
  • Notifying you of the wrong court date
  • Leaving a significant portion of the ticket incomplete
  • Recording a driver’s license number incorrectly

Keep in mind that you can complain about insignificant errors, but the most that will happen is the court will amend the ticket with the necessary corrections. The safest way to ensure an error doesn’t affect you is to consult a traffic violation lawyer and discuss the details of your citation.

Mistakes Drivers Make After Being Issued a Traffic Ticket

Whether it’s for an expired tag or running a stop sign, being pulled over and getting a ticket can be stressful. With so many thoughts running through your mind, you might start to overthink everything you say and worry that it’s going to be used against you. If you panic, you’re more prone to make mistakes that could exacerbate the situation. Many of the mistakes made by drivers after being issued a traffic ticket involve the following:

  • Arguing with police
  • Disclosing too much information
  • Assuming you have no other choice but to admit guilt
  • Refusing to sign the ticket
  • Failing to complete a court-ordered driver improvement program

One costly mistake drivers make is not retaining the services of a traffic defense attorney. Again, because most drivers consider the violation itself an indication of guilt, they feel there is nothing else left to do but accept the penalties. The truth of the matter is that the state has the burden of proving that you committed the alleged traffic violation. Working with an attorney early on could possibly get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

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