• what happens when you crash without insurance

    What Happens if You Crash a Car Without Auto Insurance?

    Maryland is part of the vast majority of states in which drivers are legally obligated to carry auto insurance. Driving without insurance is a crime and may lead to severe penalties. How will the State know whether you have insurance or not? Getting into an accident is a guaranteed way to make it known that […]

  • cameras for catching distracted drivers

    Maryland Suburb Considers Installing Cameras for Distracted Driving

    Almost all states have prohibited the use of cell phones while driving, but distracted driving remains a significant problem throughout the U.S. According to the CDC, 1,000 people are hurt, and 9 are killed, in distracted driving crashes daily. Many of these accidents involve people who text and drive, despite laws making it illegal to […]

  • move over law ticket

    Are There Ways to Fight a Violation of the Move Over Law?

    Move Over laws are critical to ensure the safety of police officers, emergency responders, sanitation workers, tow truck drivers, and others who spend considerable time on the side of the road. Working on the roadside is extremely risky — especially on highways where drivers blow past at 60-70 miles or more per hour. Since many […]

  • Maryland vehicle laws

    Maryland Vehicle Laws You Might Not Know About

    Each year in Maryland, drivers are subject to changes in the Maryland Transportation Code. While the most significant changes in the laws and procedures might receive some publicity, others may catch drivers unaware. If you carry a Maryland driver’s license or frequently travel through the state for business, these are some relatively new vehicle laws […]

  • maryland dui laws

    The State of Maryland Just Increased DUI Penalties

    Drunk driving accidents are among the most preventable crashes, and unfortunately, they cause thousands of needless deaths each year. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 30 people die every day in a crash where alcohol was found to be a factor. To do its part to reduce the number of […]

  • maryland traffic laws 2021

    Maryland Traffic Law Changes to Anticipate in 2020

    On October 1, 2019, hundreds of new state laws went into effect touching on various matters pertaining to healthcare, employment, alcohol and tobacco sales, and even firearms. Some key laws affecting transportation also took hold. As you’re anticipating the new year, here’s what you need to know about traffic law changes in Maryland. Updates to […]

  • move over law maryland

    Drivers Remain Unaware of Maryland’s Expanded “Move Over” Law

    All 50 states have “move over” laws to protect law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel responding to traffic incidents. Unfortunately, a recent national poll by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 71% of drivers have not heard of these laws. Move over laws direct drivers to move over by one lane of […]

  • don't block the box

    “Don’t Block the Box” Campaign Aims to Change Baltimore’s Driving Habits

    Most of us know the feeling of dread that rush hour traffic unleashes. With the length of rush hour extending earlier into the afternoon and later in the evening, it’s nearly impossible to beat. With most people leaving the city for the suburbs at 5 p.m., Baltimore’s streets turn into a beehive of anxious motorists […]

  • maryland traffic lawyer cost

    Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle a Traffic Ticket or Can I Pay the Fine?

    Many people are unsure of what to do after receiving a traffic ticket in or near Baltimore, though they know they have two main choices: pay the fine or call a lawyer. The fact of the matter is, the State of Maryland makes it easy to think you’ve resolved a ticket by allowing you to […]

  • police entrapment speeding

    Speed Traps to Look Out for in Maryland

    At one point or another, many of us have zipped right into a trap set up by law enforcement. Excessive speeding is one of the top traffic offenses in the country that motorists get fined for. Speed traps are common in the U.S., and they’re a significant source of revenue for a lot of cities. […]