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People who have been driving around Carney, Maryland, for years have likely received a traffic ticket. It’s not particularly difficult for police officers to flag drivers for suspected traffic violations. From DUI checkpoints to speed traps, police officers on traffic duty often go out of their way to issue citations and fines. 

While officers must protect all users of public roadways, it’s not uncommon for them to exaggerate wrongdoing. Whether you received a ticket for running a red light or you tested positive for a high BAC (blood alcohol content) just after a DUI stop, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges you face. 

Not all road violations can be easily paid off and forgotten. DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and leaving the scene of an accident are all criminal offenses; therefore, charges for these offenses may establish a criminal record that can negatively impact your future. No matter what the Maryland MVA accuses you of having done behind the wheel, a qualified traffic lawyer who serves the people of Carney can help you protect your reputation and driver’s license.

What is Considered a Traffic Violation in Carney, Maryland?

When you consider the fact that a conviction of any traffic violation could add points against your license, any infraction works against your driving privileges. When you receive a certain number of points on your license in two years, the MVA suspends your license, preventing you from driving a vehicle legally anywhere in the state. Charges of minor traffic violations carry the least amount of points each, while serious traffic crimes carry a greater number of points per violation.

What do the courts consider to be a minor traffic violation in Maryland? A minor violation is a “payable” offense, meaning you could technically pay the fine that accompanies the citation and call it a day. Yet, if you choose to do that, the MVA will consider you guilty of the offense and add points to your driving record. You could work with an attorney to appear in court on your behalf and fight the ticket instead of paying the fine, which will protect your driving privileges long-term. 

Minor traffic violations are extremely common. Running red lights, mild speeding, failing to wear a seatbelt, improper turning, and rolling stops are all minor violations. You won’t face the possibility of jail time upon a conviction; however, without a strong defense, the MVA will penalize you through the license points system. You could avoid this outcome by hiring a Carney traffic lawyer.

Serious Traffic Violations in Carney Could Land You in Jail

Believe it or not, a conviction for certain traffic offenses could lead to incarceration and other arduous penalties. Serious traffic violations are those for which a judge could sentence you to jail. They include offenses that hinder law enforcement’s execution of duties, are highly likely to cause a severe injury or death to another person, and offenses in which the severe injury or death of another occurred.

Consider the following offenses:

  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • DUI manslaughter
  • DUI
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer
  • Hit and run

If you face a charge for any of the above offenses, you should consider discussing your case with a qualified criminal traffic lawyer immediately. An attorney with many years of experience investigating traffic crimes and strategizing defenses could help you avoid harmful penalties.

Protect Your License and Future with Legal Representation in Carney

Defending yourself against a traffic charge could lead to unfavorable results. A traffic attorney who can protect your interests and has intimate knowledge of Maryland’s court system can significantly improve your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed and keeping your license. 

Attorney Hillel Traub has worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the MVA before becoming a private attorney. His practice focuses on providing essential legal services for those facing traffic charges in and around Carney. Having worked as a traffic lawyer for more than 20 years, he will know what steps you should take to obtain optimal results. Contact The Law Office of Hillel Traub by calling (410) 580-1100 or complete our online contact form for a free consultation.


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