Baltimore Bench Warrant Lawyer

Baltimore Bench Warrant Lawyer

Bench warrant attorney

If you’ve discovered that there’s a bench warrant against you in the City of Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, you should contact a bench warrant lawyer immediately. A bench warrant is usually issued when a person misses a court date. Missing a court date is a violation of the court order which requested your appearance in court. The judge can charge you with the crime of failure to appear or contempt of court and may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Many people have heard of arrest warrants but not bench warrants. These warrants are called “bench” warrants because the judge issues them from the bench of the courtroom. A bench warrant gives police officers the authority to arrest you at any time. You may be in traffic, at home, at work, or even in court for a different matter when you run into police. If the police officer checks your identity and discovers that you have a bench warrant, they may arrest you and take you to jail. 

With a bench warrant out for your arrest, it’s crucial to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. It’s difficult to live with the uncertainty of when police will find you, and you have options available to you for resolving the warrant that may not exist after your arrest. If you have a bench warrant against you in Baltimore or a nearby area, contact attorney Hillel Traub

How do Bench Warrants Work in Maryland?

In Maryland, if a defendant misses a court date for a criminal or traffic matter that carries a possible jail sentence, the judge will likely issue a bench warrant for that person’s arrest unless the defendant had a valid emergency to excuse their absence. The warrant instructs officers to take the defendant into custody and bring him or her to court to resolve the matter that led to the bench warrant.

If you have a bench warrant, the most likely scenario is that the next time you’re stopped for a traffic violation — even for something as minor as having a broken tail light or parking illegally — the police will take you into custody and bring you jail until you can appear in court. You may have the option to post bail or you might need to stay in jail until your next court date.

Fighting a Bench Warrant in Baltimore

Motion to Quash a Bench Warrant

In Maryland, you may have the option of appealing to the court to drop your warrant and reschedule your court date. If you contact a traffic lawyer early, he may be able to file a Motion to Quash your bench warrant on your behalf. Taking action before you’re arrested is crucial since this option may not be available to you if the police take you into custody. 

Motion to Quash a Bench Warrant

The Motion to Quash is a legal document your lawyer can file on your behalf that requests a cancelation of your warrant and a new court date. If you show the court that you’re taking active measures to make up for your missed appearance, they will likely grant the motion. This may be more likely if you had a legitimate reason to miss your court date, such as your notice being mailed to the wrong address or falling ill. 

Resolve Your Warrant with a Baltimore Bench Warrant Lawyer

Don’t try to resolve a serious matter like a bench warrant for a traffic offense alone. An experienced bench warrant attorney can take measures to keep you from being arrested and damaging your criminal record. Attorney Hillel Traub is a qualified traffic attorney with more than 20 years of experience building reliable defense strategies for drivers facing bench warrants and other violations.

Hillel Traub is a former Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland MVA. He cares about the outcome of your case and wants to help you get your life back as quickly as possible. Call our firm at 410-580-1110 or complete our contact form for a free consultation



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