• Why It’s Always Important to Fight a Maryland Traffic Ticket

    While receiving a traffic ticket can be frustrating and inconvenient, it’s always important to fight the ticket, no matter how minor it may seem. Not only can battling a traffic ticket keep your driving record clear of points, but you can also save money on insurance premiums and protect your driving privileges. In the case […]

  • What Happens If a Maryland Police Officer Doesn’t Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket

    If you are pulled over and issued a traffic ticket for violating a traffic law, many drivers would be inclined to pay the fine and move on. Unfortunately, simply accepting the consequences of a traffic ticket may be detrimental in the long run. As points accumulate on your driving record, you may face penalties such […]

  • Understanding License Restrictions in Maryland

    Driving is a privilege, and every state has rules and regulations that drivers must follow to drive legally. In Maryland, drivers may be subject to certain license restrictions for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions, and driving or criminal history. Types of restrictions may include Ignition Interlock Device restrictions, alcohol or drug restrictions, work […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Licenses in Maryland

    Having a driver’s license is a privilege many of us take for granted. It’s not until you get your license suspended or revoked that you realize how essential it is to be able to drive when and where you want. The law has a specific process for those waiting for an MVA hearing or DUI/DWI […]