• When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket in Maryland?

    If you received a traffic ticket in Maryland, you may consider simply paying the fine and moving on. There are very few circumstances in which you should consider paying for the ticket. Not only can battling a traffic ticket help you keep your traffic record clear, but you may also want to avoid your insurance […]

  • Does Uber Insurance Cover Passengers After an Accident?

    Taking an Uber may be a convenient way to get from one place to another. However, just like any other vehicle, Ubers are susceptible to accidents, whether because of negligent motorists on the road or driver negligence. Fortunately, Uber insurance covers passengers after an accident in specific circumstances, including waiting for a ride status, en […]

  • How Will a Traffic Ticket Affect Your Car Insurance in Maryland?

    When you get a traffic ticket in Maryland, it is almost inevitable that your car insurance will be affected in some way. Some infractions, such as speeding, can increase your car insurance rates by up to 24%. When checking your driving record after a traffic violation, your insurance company evaluates it as a liability to […]

  • Can You Use Your Phone When Your Vehicle Is Stopped in Maryland?

    While you are operating your vehicle, even if you’re stopped at a stoplight, it is prohibited to use your phone without a hands-free device in Maryland. However, if your car is off or is parked off the travel portion of the road, you may use your phone because you are no longer operating a vehicle […]