• Can You Challenge Breathalyzer Tests in Maryland?

    In today’s world, everyone is aware of the dangers of drunk driving. Understandably, law enforcement is cracking down on drunk driving, and officers everywhere are using various tools to detect drunk drivers, including the Breathalyzer. However, the results of the Breathalyzer device and the weight it holds as a determining factor can be challenged in […]

  • Will Self-Driving Cars Still Have to Be Insured under the Owner’s Auto-Insurance?

    Technological advancement is at the forefront of the automotive industry. With backup cameras, lane departure warning systems, and intelligent cruise control, cars now come equipped with many automated safety features. Once a futuristic concept, self-driving cars are becoming more common on America’s roads. While no cars today are 100% autonomous, there are still questions regarding […]

  • How Does the Driver’s License Point System Work in Maryland?

    Having the ability to drive is both a privilege and a responsibility. People travel, go to work, and run errands throughout each day. Maryland has more than 4.3 million licensed drivers, and a way to keep drivers safe is through enforcing traffic laws and regulations. The driver’s license point system is one of the ways […]