• What Happens If You Fail to Move Over for an Emergency Vehicle in Maryland?

    Many people might wonder what happens if they fail to move over for an emergency vehicle in Maryland, and the truth is that someone could face misdemeanor charges for such a failure. Maryland has a “Move Over” traffic law that applies to emergency vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, tow trucks, and other types of service vehicles. […]

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    5 Examples of Reckless Driving in Maryland

    Being pulled over and accused of committing a traffic violation can be an intimidating prospect for anyone. That can be especially true when a motorist is charged with a misdemeanor offense like reckless driving. At the Law Office of Hillel Traub, we’ve represented clients charged with various examples of reckless driving in Maryland. Our experienced […]

  • What Is Maryland’s Good Samaritan Law?

    It’s natural for bystanders to worry about lending aid after a car crash or other type of accident in a society where facing a personal injury lawsuit is a possibility. Nobody’s fear of being sued should ever interfere with them being able to render well-intentioned aid if someone else is injured. That’s one reason the […]