• Is it Legal to Pass on the Right in Maryland?

    When driving down a multi-lane road, drivers occasionally have to pass the car in front of them. They typically do this on the left side of the road, but many wonder if they’re allowed to pass on the right side in Maryland. Ultimately, it depends on the situation. Like many other states, the decision is […]

  • Can a Party Host be Held Responsible for Drunk Driving Accidents in Maryland?

    Every state has its own set of rules regarding social hosts and their liability when one of their guests causes a crash after drinking at their party. When someone is injured because of a drunk driver, many states allow the injured party to file a claim against the vendor or social host who sold or […]

  • What Happens If a Police Officer Fails to Appear in Traffic Court?

    If you’re pulled over and accused of breaking a traffic law, the law enforcement officer may issue you a traffic ticket that details the violation, the associated fine, and your options for paying it. Many drivers’ first instinct after receiving a citation is to pay the fine, accept the consequences, and move on from the […]

  • Common Traffic Ticket Errors in Maryland

    Receiving a traffic ticket is something no driver wants to deal with. Traffic tickets are one of those things that suddenly disrupts your day, and in some cases, end up becoming a much larger problem than you initially thought. Tickets aren’t just a sheet of paper you can ignore—they cost money, have the potential to […]