• What Happens If I Leave the Scene of an Accident in Maryland?

    After an accident in Maryland, drivers must stay at the scene of the wreck and exchange information with the other driver(s), even if no property damage occurred. If anyone is injured, drivers must stop and help them by calling emergency personnel to get the medical treatment they need. Suppose you leave the scene of the […]

  • Do I Need to Consent to Field Sobriety Tests in Maryland?

    Licensed drivers in Maryland provide consent to submit to breathalyzer tests if they are ever  suspected of DUI when they apply for their licenses with the DMV. Due to the implied consent law, drivers who refuse breath tests may face additional hardships upon a DUI arrest. While there is a penalty for refusing to take […]

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    Can You Ever Drive Above the Speed Limit in Maryland?

    Speeding is the most common traffic violation committed even by the most experienced drivers. Most motorists who’ve been pulled over for speeding assume they’re at fault and pay the fine. But what if they had a valid reason for speeding? Perhaps they had to do so for safety reasons or there was a medical emergency. […]

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    How Maryland Is Raking in Fines from “Port-a-Potty” Speed Cameras

    Maryland is notorious for implementing speed cameras throughout the state, especially in areas that are under heavy construction. The goal is simple: to reduce the speed of vehicles in advance of and through work zones to prevent crashes and save lives. There are 17 different active radar cameras located in construction zones across the state […]