• mva suspended license

    Steps to Take after License Suspension in Maryland

    Baltimore is a bustling city of over 600,000, however, it is not known for reliable public transportation. Hundreds of thousands of drivers in the Baltimore metro area depend on their cars and valid Maryland driver’s licenses to get around. Without access to a vehicle, many people would find it difficult to get to school or […]

  • how to beat a red light camera ticket in maryland

    Getting a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

    Most Maryland drivers have, at some point, received a citation for violating traffic laws. While some tickets may be warranted, it is not uncommon for traffic citations to result in costly and unexpected fines. Police officers and judges especially have little tolerance for red light offenses, as they endanger other drivers crossing intersections. A red […]

  • do background checks show driving records

    Do Driving Records Show up on Employment Background Checks?

    Some employment background checks reveal far more information than candidates would ever guess, much of which the average person assumes is private information. While background checks consistently turn up information about a candidate’s work experience and criminal history (if any), a background check will occasionally turn up personal details about an applicant’s spending and driving […]