Photo Radar Tickets: Debunking Myths and Understanding Your Legal Options

In the age of advanced technology, traffic enforcement has evolved, with photo radar systems becoming a common tool to catch speeding and red-light violations. However, there is ample misinformation and confusion surrounding photo radar tickets, including whether they are enforceable, accurate, or fightable. If you were cited by a photo radar system, you may have legal options to fight the violation with the help of an experienced traffic violations lawyer.  

As a former lawyer for the MVA, attorney Hillel Traub at The Law Office of Hillel Traub has over 30 years of experience helping countless clients fight traffic violation tickets, including those cited by photo radar systems. Contact us to understand your legal options. 

3 Myths About Photo Radar Tickets 

The following are the top three myths surrounding photo radar technology and citations: 

  1. Myth: Photo Radar Tickets Are Not Enforceable 

Photo radar tickets are indeed enforceable in many jurisdictions, including Maryland. While the methods and regulations may vary, in Maryland, disregarding these tickets can lead to additional fines and potential issues with your vehicle registration. For example, once a police officer reviews the images taken by the camera, a citation will be mailed to the vehicle owner according to the license plate shown in the image. In Maryland, the vehicle owner must then pay a fine, which can vary based on the specific violation. It’s crucial to address the ticket promptly, even if you believe it was issued in error. 

Failure to do so in Maryland can result in increased fines and may lead to the flagging of your vehicle’s registration. This can prevent you from renewing your vehicle’s registration or registering any new vehicles until all outstanding fines and penalties are settled, leading to significant legal and logistical complications.

  1. Myth: You Are Guilty of a Photo Radar Violation Until Proven Innocent 

As with any traffic citation, you have a right to fight the allegation. However, this photo radar enables you to view the photographic evidence of your alleged violation before paying fines or appearing in court. The images must provide the evidence necessary to support an allegation of running a red light, speeding, or other infractions. To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, consult an experienced traffic violations lawyer for an assessment of your case.  

  1. Myth: Photo Radars Are Always Accurate 

While photo radar systems are designed to be accurate, errors can occur. Factors such as weather conditions, equipment calibration, and operator error can influence the accuracy of the photo radar. If you believe your ticket was wrongly issued, an experienced lawyer can help you analyze the evidence, fight the violation, and avoid paying fines.

It’s important to note that the fine for a photo radar ticket is typically $40, but there are certain jurisdictions where the dollar amount can increase. Likewise, work zone tickets are higher. Some counties and the District of Columbia have much higher fines.

Your Legal Options If You Received a Photo Radar Ticket 

When faced with a photo radar ticket, you may have several legal options, including the following: 

  • Pay the fine: If you believe the ticket is valid, paying the fine might be the simplest option to resolve the matter. Note that it does not go on your driving record, and no points are added.
  • Contest the ticket: If the photo radar ticket was mistakenly issued, you have the option to contest it. This may include providing evidence the photo radar system was faulty or that you were not the driver at the time. 
  • Seek legal advice: Consulting a traffic violations lawyer can help you understand the legal consequences of the ticket and determine your best legal options to protect your rights. 

The burden of proof lies with the prosecution’s ability to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you contest the ticket, you may obtain evidence such as photos, calibration records, and operation certifications to challenge the validity of the ticket to potentially have it dropped.

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Debunking myths and seeking accurate information regarding photo radar tickets is essential to making the right decisions for your situation. The Law Office of Hillel Traub is on your side to contest any violation issued by photo radar, especially if you believe the citation was issued in error. 

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