Is It Necessary to Add My Teen Driver to My Insurance?

Is It Necessary to Add My Teen Driver to My Insurance?

While your teenager may feel excited about their driver’s license and can’t wait to get out on the road, as a parent, you may feel anxious about the financial challenges and dangers out on the road. Not only are young drivers inexperienced and more likely to get into accidents, but they also need insurance in case of emergencies.

Insurance for young drivers is more expensive because they are statistically more likely to get into accidents and experience trouble. You might question if putting them on your insurance is the right thing to do. However, all drivers must have auto insurance in Maryland, and if your teen is not on your insurance plan, they’ll need their own policy, and that can be even more extensive.

What Will Happen When I Add My Teen to My Insurance?

Maryland is one of 9 states that requires adding a teen driver to your car insurance policy. Adding your teen driver to your insurance is a cost-effective decision. An essential factor to note is who owns the vehicle they are driving. If the car is under their name, they are unable to fall under your policy. However, if they live in your household and drive one of the family cars, you can register them under your policy.

Many parents opt for this option to save money and time. While you will start to pay more due to the risk of the other person, most young teen drivers are unable to pay for their insurance on their own and need financial assistance. If they drive without insurance and get into an accident, they can suffer severe consequences that can shape their future. Talk with your car accident attorney for more information on the best options for you and your family.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for the Road

An essential component to keeping your insurance down and teenagers safe is preparing them for the road. Most young drivers only think about how exciting it is to drive and have new responsibilities. Follow the below suggestions to keep your teen safe and aware of driving dangers:

Enroll in Driving Safety Program

There are many great educational courses available for young drivers that help them gain practice and learn about how to stay safe on the road. While you may think that it’s better for you to teach them these essential skills, sometimes teenagers find it difficult to listen to their parents.

Set a Good Example

Children are constantly observing and minding their parent’s behavior. Following by example is an innate human behavior and helps us understand our surroundings and situations. When you follow the rules and drive safely, your children will most often follow your behavior.

Let Them Take the Wheel

Practice makes perfect. The more you offer your child to drive with you, the calmer they may feel without an authority figure helping them. You can catch unsafe mistakes and help your teen through stressful situations in a calm manner.

With their new ability to drive, your teen will no longer need to ride the school bus or ask you to drive them to a friend’s house. This can feel frightening and exciting, but following the above suggestions can help you and your teen feel safe and prepared for the new uncharted territory.

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In situations where your teen has a traffic violation or gets into an accident, you may be at risk of a significant increase in insurance payments. Even if your child was not at fault, insurance companies could significantly increase your payments. If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact the Law Office of Hillel Traub for an experienced car accident lawyer. Attorney Hillel Traub has experience working with clients all across Maryland and providing them with the necessary tools and information for their case.

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