How a Maryland Lawyer Can Help You With a Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is administered by a judge when a defendant disobeys the rules of the court. Most often, the violation is a result of the defendant failing to show up. There are many reasons why a person may not appear in court. Whether you did not have transportation to get to court or could not get child care for the date you were required to appear, a Maryland lawyer may be able to help with your bench warrant and failure to appear in court by filing a “Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant”.

The Law Office of Hillel Traub is a Maryland criminal defense law firm dedicated to ensuring that clients stay informed and educated on their best options after they have been issued a bench warrant. Attorney Hillel Traub is dedicated to protecting your rights and interests and will work to appeal the bench warrant put out against you.

What Is a Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant?

One way that Maryland lawyers can help with a bench warrant or failure to appear is by filing a Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant. Also referred to as a Motion to Quash, this motion requests that the court rescind the bench warrant and set a new court date in the near future. The best time to file this request after a bench warrant has been issued is before you are arrested. That is why it is important to retain the help of a trusted Maryland attorney as soon as possible.

While your lawyer cannot guarantee that the bench warrant will be repealed after a Motion to Quash has been filed, courts often respond favorably when a person has come forward on their own accord. The court will often opt to grant the motion, especially if your case offers a specific reason for your failure to appear that was out of your control. The reasons can include:

  • Defective notice due to the wrong address
  • Illness
  • Family emergencies

To get help filing a Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant in Maryland, contact a trusted lawyer who has experience helping clients who have been issued a bench warrant due to their failure to appear in court.

What Happens If You Ignore a Bench Warrant in Maryland?

A bench warrant is serious and should not be ignored. Once a bench warrant has been issued, law enforcement has the right to arrest you at any time. When a person has a bench warrant, they may be arrested even if they are pulled over for a simple traffic infraction like speeding or having a tail light out on their vehicle. After being arrested, you will be transferred to the jurisdiction that issued the bench warrant where you may face a serious penalty. These penalties can include:

  • A bail decision
  • Being held in jail pending the new court date

To avoid facing any penalties or being arrested for a bench warrant, reach out to a Maryland lawyer who can help with your Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant.

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