• What Is DUI Per Se in Maryland?

    Driving under the influence (DUI) is a weighty offense that carries significant legal consequences. In Maryland, DUI laws aim to maintain road safety and protect motorists from the dangers associated with impaired driving. One crucial aspect of DUI enforcement is the concept of DUI per se, which establishes the legal limits for blood alcohol concentration […]

  • Who Needs to Be Included on My Car’s Insurance Plan?

    Car insurance is a vital component of responsible vehicle ownership, providing financial protection in cases of accidents. When it comes to ensuring adequate coverage, you should consider any individual who plans to be behind the wheel of your car, which may include family members, teenagers, or other permissive users. In instances where a potential accident […]

  • 5 Defense Strategies for Driving Without Registration in Maryland

    In Maryland, registration represents that your vehicle taxes are paid and the Motor Vehicle Administration is aware of where your vehicle is located. This enables them to send you notices of unpaid fines, license suspensions, or other notices. If you are pulled over without registration, you may face serious legal consequences. However, individuals charged with […]

  • At What Point Does a Maryland Driver’s License Get Suspended?

    A driver’s license is a privilege that allows individuals to operate a vehicle legally. However, this privilege can be suspended under certain circumstances when drivers fail to comply with the rules and regulations set by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). But at what point does a license get suspended? One common reason for a […]